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New Zoom Rooms Features: Digital Signage & More Now Available

New Zoom Rooms Features: Digital Signage & More Now Available

Following on our product announcements last week, Zoom is excited to announce the availability of awesome new features for our software-based conference room system Zoom Rooms. These features are now available with the latest Mac Zoom Rooms and iPad Zoom Room controller, and will be available for Windows Zoom Rooms and the Windows and Android controllers in March.

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage for the workplace allows companies to improve internal and external corporate communication, engagement, and marketing needs via visual content such as announcements about upcoming events, wayfinding, and corporate culture reminders including your company mission and values.

You can use the screens in your Zoom Rooms as Digital Signage to display static or dynamic content when the rooms are not being used for meetings, and you can deploy screens in lobbies, hallways, elevator banks, cafes, gyms, and other open spaces as Digital Signage.

Digital Signage is included at no additional software cost for customers with at least one Zoom Room in their organization. You can also broadcast Zoom video meetings or webinars to Digital Signage.

Learn more about Digital Signage.

Standalone Scheduling Display

Zoom Scheduling Displays are tablets that sit outside huddle rooms and conference rooms. They show upcoming meetings and allow the user to reserve a free room on-the-fly from the tablet. Previously Scheduling Display was available only for Zoom Rooms. Now, you can deploy Scheduling Displays across your entire organization, for any meeting or collaboration space, even those that don’t have Zoom Rooms installed. Choose Scheduling Display Only when you add a Zoom Room on the Zoom web portal to make sure it does not consume a Zoom Rooms license. What’s more, like Digital Signage, Scheduling Display software for your entire organization is free for Zoom Rooms customers.

Learn more about Scheduling Displays.

Integration with Amazon Alexa

We’ve taken meetings from one touch to no touch with this hands-free Alexa for Business integration. Participants in Zoom Rooms can start, join, and end Zoom meetings by speaking to the Alexa device in their huddle room or conference room. You can configure Amazon Echo devices with the Zoom for Alexa skill, and then deploy them into new or existing Zoom Rooms across your organization.

How to configure Zoom Rooms with Alexa.

Automatic Audio Testing

Clear audio is imperative to successful meetings. Our new auto-testing proactively tests your Zoom Rooms audio devices daily. We run this test in Zoom Rooms around the world every day to ensure you always have the best audio quality. We complete an automatic testing of all Zoom Rooms audio between 2am – 4am local time and your AV team will be aware of potential audio issues such as echo when they arrive in the morning. (The audio test will not run if you’re having a meeting during the test time.)

More Content Sharing Options

Do you have a document camera or camera pointing at a whiteboard? You can now display the video from one camera (like the video feed of your beautiful face!) while sharing content from a different camera in your Zoom Room. Additionally, when in a Zoom Rooms meeting, you can switch between showing shared content and video.

Easy Zoom Rooms Set Up

Love these new features? We hope so! And to make it even easier to setup, test, and deploy Zoom Rooms we’ve created several new innovations:

  • You can use a simple pairing code to connect the your Zoom Rooms computer with your Zoom Rooms controller and new customers can use test mode to experience Zoom Rooms without the need to sign up for an account
  • Administrators can sign in and add new rooms directly from the Zoom Rooms controller
  • And for companies rolling out Zoom Rooms can provide activation codes to installers. This option allows remote installers to complete Zoom Rooms setup without the need to sign in as an administrator on the device
  • We’ve worked with CDW and our hardware partners to put together room kits to help you easily purchase equipment for your rooms based on size and use case

See Getting Started with Zoom Rooms for more information and check out the links above for details.

Details on these new features can be found in our release notes for Mac Zoom Rooms and iPad Zoom Rooms Controllers. If you’d like to know more about Zoom, Zoom Rooms, and any of these new features, please sign up for a live 1-1 personalized demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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