Have No Fear: Zoom Computer Audio is Here!

Have No Fear: Zoom Computer Audio is Here!

“Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.” -Tony Robbins

Inspirational stuff, huh? Well, today we’re going to overcome a fear together: The fear of computer audio. Fortunately, this isn’t a widespread fear among Zoomers. Ninety-six percent (96%) of you use Zoom VoIP at least 75% of the time. But there are still you holdouts that call into Zoom meetings on their telephones for audio, even while joining via their computer for video. This is because they’re afraid their computer’s audio will be choppy or less reliable than the phone. This breaks our little Zoomie hearts because we know there is nothing to fear with Zoom computer audio!

Computer audio, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is the audio that comes over your computer, conference room system, or mobile device via the internet instead of over telephone lines.

We get it. Computer audio on other services sucks. It fails to turn on, it cuts out, and you can never trust it. We know you’ve been burned. But you CAN trust Zoom computer audio. Thanks to our best-in-the-world advanced audio processing technologies and software architecture, our computer audio works every time with clear quality and never cuts out.

Zoom computer audio has superior voice quality over telephone (aka PSTN or telephony) or other providers’ VoIP audio because it:

  • Uses higher clarity broadband audio (HD voice), whereas telephone audio uses narrow-band audio, usually resulting in muffled sound
  • Has high voice quality due to its advanced audio processing technologies to suppress all types of noise – it cancels echos for full duplex conversation and removes room reverberation
  • Has user-friendly features such as audio feedback detection and automatic mute reminder

Not only that, our audio and video run on the Zoom cloud, a proprietary global network that has been built from the ground up to provide quality communication experiences to our users. Zoom’s engineering team, with over 1,000 years of combined experience building collaboration tech, has focused on providing industry-leading customer satisfaction. Here is how Zoom has built an infrastructure of reliable service that directly supports our audio and video quality:

  • High Quality: Zoom’s geographically-dispersed server presence allows our users to connect directly to the Zoom Cloud through a locally-designated point of presence. No matter where you are, a local on-ramp to the Zoom Cloud will bring high-quality audio, video, and collaboration services.
  • High Availability: The Zoom Cloud is fully redundant at each of our global points of presence. If there is a failure at one of our data centers, traffic will automatically redirect to a fully-functioning point of presence. All servers and network devices have redundant components and multiple network paths to avoid single points of failure.
  • Distributed Network: Zoom’s cloud runs on a distributed network of low-latency multimedia routers. All session data originating from a host device and arriving at the participants’ devices is dynamically switched.

Now, if you’re somewhere with zero internet connectivity, we know that the telephone is still the go-to option. That’s why we are happy to provide the flexibility of joining over telephone audio or computer audio to all of our users. That said, if you haven’t, you simply MUST give our computer audio a try. Go ahead! Turn it on! It’s actually easier and faster than joining by your telephone.

Ready to bring Zoom computer audio (and video!) to your enterprise? Sign up for a personalized 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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