‘We Use Zoom to Solve Problems’: How the NCCU School of Law Empowers Communities with Video

‘We Use Zoom to Solve Problems’: How the NCCU School of Law Empowers Communities with Video

Check out our latest case study on how the North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law uses Zoom to power its virtual classrooms and deliver top-tier virtual legal education!

The NCCU School of Law is dedicated to using the wealth of knowledge it has available to empower the communities in and around North Carolina. Through an initiative known as the Virtual Justice Project, NCCU delivers legal education to people all over the state using video and other educational technology. 

While the Virtual Justice Project is heavily focused on preparing students for law school through virtual pre-law courses, it also delivers important legal knowledge and education through its Know Your Rights series, which are sessions designed to promote self-advocacy and educate citizens on their rights.

The Know Your Rights program is an important educational resource to communities around North Carolina because it covers things like the do’s and don’ts of separation and divorce, the rights of tenants, and advice related to mental health, diet, taxes, and finances.

Some reasons the NCCU School of Law chose to use Zoom to deliver this kind of virtual legal education include: 

  • Reliability: Zoom’s unrivaled stability, even in low-bandwidth environments, allows students to attend sessions no matter where they are or what device they are using.
  • Gallery View: With Zoom’s ability to support up to 1,000 video participants and see up to 49 faces in a single screen, instructors can engage with large groups over video and ensure that each gets the best experience possible. 
  • Real-time interaction: Instructors can answer questions in real time and explain complex topics and ideas live rather than relying on pre-recorded sessions or waiting until the next class. 

Zoom has helped the NCCU School of Law create a more interactive learning experience, and it’s helped the school spread the benefits of the Virtual Justice Project. 

“We use Zoom as an extension of our real-life experience,” said Greg Clinton, Director of Information Technology and Facilities at NCCU School of Law. “I have used the screen sharing feature to write grants with other employees. Students use Zoom for appointments with their professors. We use it to present to other universities about the Virtual Justice Project. We even purchased enough licenses so our brick-and-mortar classes can turn into virtual classes when we have inclement weather.

“We use Zoom to solve problems and to extend the knowledge base and resources we have here at NCCU to other places. It has become a natural part of what we do.”

To learn more about how NCCU is leveraging Zoom to empower communities and educate students, read the full case study here. Or sign up for a customized 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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