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Okta Businesses @ Work (From Home) Report: Zoom the Fastest-Growing App in March

Okta Businesses @ Work (From Home) Report: Zoom the Fastest-Growing App in March

Okta just released its Businesses @ Work (From Home) Report detailing how its network of users are leveraging technology amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people suddenly shifted to working from home due to social distancing and stay-at-home mandates, and Zoom saw the most growth among Okta’s network.

According to the report, Okta customers reacted quickly to the pandemic and rolled out apps that ensure productivity, connectivity, and security for remote teams. Okta network data from January 13, 2020, to March 31, 2020, depicts high growth in the use of collaboration apps, such as video conferencing solutions and network security tools like VPNs, which extend secure access to remote workers.

Some observations from the report:

  • Zoom was the fastest-growing app in Okta’s network, achieving 110% growth in unique workforce users in March 2020 over February 2020.

Zoom among fastest-growing apps by unique users

  • In examining the impact of the pandemic and user behavior, the report noted Zoom’s rise in workplace usage but also its increased social usage:

    “Zoom had already surpassed Cisco Webex to become the top video conferencing tool in our network by 2018, and the app showed a meteoric rise in our 2020 Businesses @ Work report. Zoom has become a go-to tool not just for remote workforces, but as a way to maintain relationships and commitments outside of work as well.”

Zoom Logins - Okta, March 2020

  • March 6 was the last day of “normal” app usage before the pandemic, and the upward trend for video solutions like Zoom and security applications began March 9, according to Okta’s data on typical weekday login cycles.

While the Business @ Work (From Home) report cites how companies quickly acted to meet the needs of remote workers, it also predicts businesses will continue to add applications that further enhance a “new normal” of work. To read the full report, visit the Okta Business @ Work (From Home) site.

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