Zoom’s on the Road Again: Campus Tech & SIDLIT

Zoom’s on the Road Again: Campus Tech & SIDLIT

Attention everyone interested in education technology! Zoom is headed to not one, but two education technology events this week. First up is Campus Technology, today through Thursday in Boston, Massachusetts. Next up: SIDLIT, Thursday and Friday, in Kansas City, Kansas. So we dug through the happenings at these events to make sure you have all the info you need to maximize your time at either show…

Ottawa University1. Otttawa’s Presentation at SIDLIT.

At 8:30 am on Thursday, listen to Carine Ullom and Steven Foulke discuss how Ottawa University has been using Zoom for the past 18 months for teaching, meetings, advisory sessions, student collaboration, and even an international student conference. (We swear we didn’t put them up to it!) They will go over some useful lesson and best practices for Zooming on your campus.

2. The Zoom Booths.

Come on over! At Campus Technology, we’re sharing booth #201 with The HoverCam, the purveyor of the awesome camera/projector/scanner that every teacher needs. At SIDLIT, Luke Haselwood, our senior technical support engineer, is supplementing our booth with a presentation on 10 suggestions for enhancing your distance learning programs – check it out at 8:30 on Friday morning.

Keynote Speaker David Sengeh
Keynote Speaker David Sengeh

3. Campus Technology Closing Keynote.

On Thursday at 11:10 am, David Sengeh, Biomechatronics Researcher at MIT Media Lab, will discuss “Is Higher Ed Producing Innovation-Ready Graduates?” He will examine if higher education is embracing technology and emerging education tools in ways that prepare students to thrive in changing fields.

4. Campus Technology Sessions & Workshops.

There are over 100 expert-led sessions, panel discussions, workshops and tech talks focused on your campus’ IT challenges at this year’s Campus Technology. We’re especially interested in the workshops on Digital and Online Learning, which cover everything from smart pens to MOOCs.

5. See the Sights!

Boston Public Garden
Boston Public Garden

After all that learning and networking, it might be time to have a little fun. We were able to talk to both Massachusetts and Kansas natives to find out their favorite local activities.

For Boston: Even thought it’s “touristy,” The Duck Tour, for which some Campus Tech registrants have already signed up through the event registration, is a pretty great way to see the whole city in one afternoon. For those who prefer to walk, we suggest taking a stroll in the Boston Public Garden.

For Kansas City: Did you know that Kansas City is the “City of Fountains”? So named because it is full of beautiful fountains – check out the map here. And if you get thirsty from staring at all that water, head to the Boulevard Brewing Company for a tour of their facilities and a tasting.

Even if you can’t see Zoom at these events, learn more about our special plan for educational institutions, or sign up right now – it’s free!

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