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OneSchool Global Uses Zoom to Drive Remote Learning & Engagement for 9,500 Students in 20 Countries

OneSchool Global Uses Zoom to Drive Remote Learning & Engagement for 9,500 Students in 20 Countries

At OneSchool Global, virtual learning closes the physical distance between 130 campuses in 20 different countries, allowing educators and students to build a truly global community. Even before COVID-19 hit, OneSchool Global embraced virtual and hybrid classrooms as part of its self-directed learning pedagogy as a way to forge connections between 9,500 students and 2,500 staff members from Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Since 2017, OneSchool Global has been using Zoom to expand its service offerings without compromising on its commitment to quality learning environments. Zoom enables OneSchool Global to provide a sustainable, scalable, and secure learning experience for any student around the world, and equips educators with the tools to support student learning and make an impact outside the traditional classroom. 

Scott Christensen, global communications manager for the school, shared how Zoom has empowered OneSchool Global to educate students before and during COVID-19. 

Driving engagement around the world

“In North America alone, just one of our five regions, OneSchool had over 22,613,997 meeting minutes in the last year, with over 930,376 participant sessions. These numbers significantly increased following COVID-19 as we moved to completely online learning across K-12 globally. We needed a simple, consistent platform that has the right amount of functionality and is as safe and secure as possible for our students. We needed a platform rich in tools to help drive engagement, and Zoom delivered that in spades.”

User-friendly, cost-effective & fit-for-purpose

“Prior to Zoom, OneSchool had multiple video conferencing tools in place, including Cisco Bridges, Cisco/Polycom video endpoints, GoToMeeting, and WebEx. The infrastructure to support this was end-of-life and expensive, and it required high levels of support. A full assessment and RFP process with multiple vendors began as the team sought to find a platform that would deliver consistent video conferencing to support learning and teaching globally. Through that process, Zoom demonstrated that it was more user-friendly, cost-effective, and fit-for-purpose and could support our learning and teaching activities. Zoom was successfully piloted in New Zealand and Caribbean schools, and then implemented globally the following year.”

Secure communications

“The safety and security of OneSchool Global’s students is our utmost priority. If any system was unable to meet our high standards, we would not use it, despite any other benefits it may deliver. Zoom was able to demonstrate that it provided the level of safety and security we required, and the Zoom team was very open to discussions with OneSchool to increase security where required. For example, at OneSchool Global’s request, Zoom developed and implemented a feature that restricts student access to OneSchool’s teacher-led Zoom classes so students couldn’t host their own sessions. From system-wide security settings to individual settings on user profiles and meetings, Zoom continues to meet our security requirements and expectations.”

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