Ottawa University Applies Zoom With VTEL’s IPanel

Ottawa University Applies Zoom With VTEL’s IPanel

ottawa logoCheck out this week’s case study: Ottawa University Applies Zoom With VTEL’s IPanel Solution. This case looks at how Ottawa University is incorporating video communications technology into its educational delivery and has recently broken ground with a new solution.

For this case, we talked with Kent Corser – Director of IT Technical and Client Operations at Ottawa University – and Richard Ford – CEO of VTEL – about how the partnership between Ottawa, VTEL, and Zoom has provided an environment in which collaboration takes flight.

vtelPreviously, Ottawa University had relied on a single cart loaded with proprietary telecommunications hardware at each of their sites. When they decided to upgrade their systems they could see that their legacy video conferencing platform was approaching something people in our industry call end-of-life. This led them to search for a new solution and the birth of a new era for Ottawa University.

“After about a year of trying different solutions for video meetings, we found Zoom back when it was still young,” said Corser. “We quickly decided that Zoom, even back at this early stage in its development, was the best fit for us since it’s cloud-based and saves us from having to manage expensive MCUs and other hardware.”

kent corser
Kent Corser, Director of IT Technical & Client Operations at Ottawa University

“Within a few weeks, we were able to deploy Zoom at everyone’s desk,” continued Corser. “It wasn’t long before our staff wanted Zoom deployed on the classroom and conference room cart systems. Since our old cart systems were approaching end-of-life, we were looking into what they could possibly be replaced with…The VTEL system was a very smart choice because we wanted something that was easy to use with a very small learning curve…By using VTEL with Zoom, the learning curve from both a software and hardware standpoint was literally almost zero.

VTEL IPanel units consist of an HDTV with an HD pan/tilt/zoom camera, a professional room system microphone and an integrated PC running Windows 7. “We had anticipated that all the action in video conferencing going forward would be in software and, after looking at everything under the sun, we have made Zoom our software of choice for integrating into our hardware units because of its ease-of-use and high quality,” said Richard Ford.

In addition to offering convenience for students, Ottawa University gains operational efficiencies with Zoom and VTEL by reducing the required number of adjunct professors while leveraging full-time faculty across their multiple sites.

richard ford
Richard Ford, CEO of VTEL

“In the end, we were able to leverage this technology to minimize our use of adjuncts and lower operating costs without reducing the quality of education for the students,” explained Corser. “Additionally, our travel budget has been greatly reduced by conducting more meetings over Zoom versus traveling across our various sites.”

A combination of a little Zoom magic and VTEL’s versatile hardware solution has led Ottawa University to experience easy-to-use high-definition video conferencing in a way that was previously impossible with any other solution on the market. To learn more about Ottawa, Zoom, and VTEL, read the complete case study. Or just get a free Zoom account to see for yourself!

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