Over 700 Universities and Colleges Now Use Zoom!

Over 700 Universities and Colleges Now Use Zoom!
University of Arkansas uses Zoom video confrencing
The Old Main, University of Arkansas

We are proud to serve all of our educational institutions, but we particularly want to welcome some of our newest schools:

New York Institute of Technology

Santa Clara University

Texas A&M University 

University of Arkansas

University of California Santa Barbara

These prestigious universities and colleges use Zoom video conferencing for virtual classrooms, hybrid online courses, guest lectures, virtual office hours, student collaboration, and more. Why? Because Zoom offers the features universities need, including managed domains, single sign-on, hybrid cloud service, and REST API, all at a fraction of the price of traditional video conferencing services.

Want to learn more about Zoom in higher education? Read this case study on the interesting ways teachers and students at the University of Northern Iowa use Zoom. Also check out our Zoom for Education plan that scales to fit any campus.

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