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Platform Integration and Enhancement Options Powered by Zoom

Platform Integration and Enhancement Options Powered by Zoom

For many organizations around the world, 2020 was the year that digital transformation accelerated faster than anyone could have expected. As a result, the demand for platforms as a service in industries such as telemedicine, telehealth, and education has increased dramatically. 

Platform providers, including managed service providers, system integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), and cloud solution providers have rapidly developed incredible platforms to help organizations with their digital transformation. In many cases, it has enabled businesses to continue operating by changing the way they deliver products and services, interact with customers, optimize processes, and keep their workforce safe.

Demand is soaring, and so are expectations

In the educational sector, platforms like Zoom have enabled schools and universities to continue education virtually and allowed patients to continue to see healthcare specialists, even during lockdown.

Virtual lesson on Zoom

The pandemic may have been a catalyst for the acceleration of digital transformation, but the demand for these platforms will continue to increase even when COVID-19 is under control. This is just the first generation for most of these platforms as many were created in a hurry to address the basic needs in a locked-down world. 

The next generation of platforms will need to provide more interaction, collaboration, intelligence, and insights, as well as cater to hybrid scenarios that blend in-person operations with remote, refined services, and additional value-added services.

Build and enhance your platform with Zoom 

For some use cases, unified communications is a basic requirement. For example, virtual event platforms are providing organizations and industries the opportunity to continue hosting industry events, including large seminars, booth discussions, and one-to-one meetings. Digital workplace platforms have allowed organizations to keep working remotely with all the facilities and services employees would normally have access to in the office.

For others, unified communications is a value-added premium service. Many online learning platforms have created advanced integrations between Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Zoom’s video-first platform, embedding video services into their LMS. Healthcare providers have taken similar steps for telehealth platforms, where Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems have integrated Zoom’s video capability to provide complete end-to-end telehealth services for patients.

Telemedicine call on Zoom

Seamlessly integrate video, audio and engaging features 

You can also embed the performance, scale, and reliability of Zoom within your application or platform to provide a seamless and engaging customer experience where your users can connect without ever leaving your platform.

Through Zoom’s ISV program, the Zoom Developer Platform offers platform integrators and application providers several solutions to easily integrate Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform, including:

  • Meeting SDKs – Leverage Zoom’s hallmark, easy to use video meeting features including breakout rooms, waiting rooms, cloud recording, screen sharing, and more within your platform while using the Zoom framework
  • Video SDKs – Use Zoom’s video & audio as well as interactive features to enhance your app or platform with reliable and intuitive video-first capabilities while still using your own native user interface

To discover more about Zoom’s integration capabilities, please visit our Partner Programs page, and select “Integrate”. You can also email [email protected], and our ISV team will respond shortly.

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