Press Release: Zoom Announces Intent To Acquire Zoominator

Press Release: Zoom Announces Intent To Acquire Zoominator

zoominatorCloud Video Screaming Company To Acquire Springfield’s Legendary Ride

(Santa Clara, CA) April 1, 2015: Zoom, the cloud video screaming company, today announces that it has formed a partnership with the Simpson Foundation to acquire the Zoominator, the historic roller coaster, from Springfield, and introduce world’s first “scream-sharing” technology.

Zoominator, the wooden roller coaster built in 1996, was once the highest and fastest roller coaster in the US. In 2006, it suffered serious damage from the strong winds of El Zino, the witch sister of El Nino. The neighboring cities of Shelbyville and Capital City raised millions in donations and government subsidies for a failed restoration.

Out of desperation, local Nuclear Safety Inspector and temporary fake carpenter Homer Simpson was called in to help restore and renovate the coaster. When finished, the tracks had several holes in them that his wife Marge Simpson had to quickly fix before Homer’s cart went over the track. Minutes later, the main Zoominator’s track collapsed.

The acquisition represents confidence from investors that Zoom can continue its impressive triple-digit growth and pioneer the future of video screaming by placing Zoom on every restored Zoominator seat. All riders will be able to “scream-share” their roller coaster experience with 200 of their closest friends or families or broadcast to 3,000 people who do not have the stones to ride.

Market Research firms are predicting that the global video roller coaster market will reach $21.3 billion by 2019. That growth, coupled with increased demand for easier-to-scream and share rides, creates a ripe opportunity for Zoom.

Homer Simpson, The Simpson Foundation
Homer Simpson, The Simpson Foundation

“Zoom is a perfect fit with Simpson Foundation’s mission to build the most important scream-share experience. The company’s explosive growth over the past year shows that they are primed to emerge as the industry’s market leader, and CEO Eric Yuan’s key role at RollerEx makes him the ideal entrepreneur for this opportunity. Zoominator truly is one of the most thrilling and exciting roller coaster ever built,” said Homer Simpson, the Chair of the Simpson Foundation.

“Riders aren’t fully satisfied with the status quo in roller coasters,” said Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO and Founder. “Zoom’s scream-share experience has a richer feature set and a better scream experience. With this acquisition, Zoom can reach a broader screaming audience through new screaming ads on the chairs, stairs, and anything wooden.”

“With Zoom we have seen a huge increase in scream-sharing at a dramatically lower cost. Zoom’s easy-to-use platform has enabled faster screams and dramatically decreased our IT support calls. If we ever have the slightest hearing issue, Zoom’s support team is always just an instant scream away. I recommend Zoom to any roller coaster investors that want a true business-grade scream-sharing platform,” said Leo Ghoul, Scream Engineer at ScreamCity.

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