Pro tips to guide your next hybrid event 

Pro tips to guide your next hybrid event 

Have you ever live-streamed a concert from the comfort of your living room? Or watched an in-person meeting from home? Whether you realized it or not, you were part of a hybrid event. 

Hosting a successful hybrid event requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll need opportunities for both audiences to interact and make meaningful connections with one another. If this sounds easier said than done, we can help. Check out our Guide to Hosting Hybrid Events or keep reading below for some insights to help you get started. 

Hybrid event solutions help exceed audience expectations  

A recent Morning Consult survey about the future of hybrid events found that hybrid events will continue to play a pivotal role for organizations. Most event marketers surveyed agreed that “hybrid events are the future of event planning/management.” 

The ability for remote and in-person audiences to be part of the same event makes it easy to see why hybrid events are growing in popularity. Not only can businesses increase capacity, but they can extend their brand far beyond the reach of four walls.

But as hybrid experiences evolve, so do your audience’s expectations. Virtual attendees need more than a live-stream of an in-person event. They crave the same networking opportunities and interaction that traditional events provide. This pressure to satisfy both audiences remains top of mind for event marketers, with Morning Consult citing “whether hybrid events will be engaging enough for attendees” as marketers’ greatest concern. 

hybrid event concerns

To minimize this burden, consider the event from the audience’s perspective. A poor viewing or listening experience and one-way chat boxes can cause attendees to become disengaged and log off. Choose a hybrid events solution like Zoom Events that is built with virtual audiences in mind to promote communication and interaction regardless of location. 

hybrid events guide

The complete guide to hosting hybrid events

To launch a successful hybrid event, there are a few things to consider before you begin. Rather than just live-stream your next conference to a virtual audience, it’s important to understand the difference between hybrid and virtual events, learn how what’s possible with hybrid and virtual event software, research examples of successful hybrid events, and map out ideas to bring your audiences together.  

To make this all easier, our “Guide to Hosting Hybrid Events” will help you design a successful hybrid event strategy. After reading it you’ll know:

  • the basics of hybrid events 
  • guidance around pre-event planning
  • ideas to keep your audiences engaged
  • real-life examples to make your hybrid event memorable 
  • a breakdown of hybrid event platforms
  • technology tips that can make or break your event 

Hybrid events don’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re hosting a full-scale hybrid conference or a single-session virtual event, check out our Guide to Hosting Hybrid Events to learn how to make your next event a success.

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