Product Announcement: New Features for Zoom Rooms

Product Announcement: New Features for Zoom Rooms

ZoomRooms onLightExciting news here at Zoom: We’ve just released a new version of Zoom Rooms!

“Back up a second,” you might be saying, “What’s Zoom Rooms again?” Well, clearly you’re not an avid reader of this blog, but we won’t take it personally!

Let’s do a quick Zoom Rooms refresh:

Zoom Rooms is Zoom’s software-based conference room system. Basically, if you can get some off-the-shelf Apple hardware and run the Zoom Rooms app, and you’ve just built yourself a state-of-the-art conferencing and collaboration space. Zoom Rooms brings you:

ZoomPresence bg 8.5

  • Easy Set Up: Connect your HD camera, touchscreen, and monitor(s) to the Mac mini, then load Zoom Rooms and you’re good to go!
  • Integrated Solution: Integrates with Google and Outlook calendars so you an instantly host or schedule a meeting. With Zoom Rooms, see your schedule of upcoming meetings and start a meeting with a single touch.
  • Flexible Meetings: Up to 200 interactive participants or 3,000 webinar viewers can join from laptops, desktops, mobile devices, telephones, traditional conference rooms, and other Zoom Rooms.
  • Content Sharing: Replaces outdated, difficult projector systems with easy sharing of desktop and mobile content over Wi-Fi or by direct HDMI connection.

So what about this update?

We’ve added some brand new features to Zoom Rooms and made some excellent feature enhancements.

Here are the new Zoom Rooms Features:

  • Call-out to H.323/SIP endpoints via directory calling (with Room Connector subscription)
  • Call-out to telephone via manual dialing (with Audio Call-Out subscription)
  • Customize Zoom Rooms splash page (with Business subscription)
  • Auto-answer a video call with auto-mute
  • Update and downgrade Zoom Rooms Mac Mini app centrally
  • Invite attendees via email when in-meeting

What are your next steps?

  • Get more info about new version of Zoom Rooms.
  • Request a live demo for some one-on-one time with a Zoom Rooms specialist.
  • Check out this instructional video on the new features:

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