Putting your best self on video conference

Some of us are uncomfortable on camera, but we’re going to have to get used to it – video is everywhere! It is important to understand that the way you look and behave in a video conference is seen and judged just as it would be in person. Here are some tips for putting your best self forward when you chat on video:

  • Look in the mirror! Run a comb through your hair, straighten your clothing, avoid loud clothing or bold patterns. You want people to be listening to what you’re saying, not wondering if you own an iron.
  • Body language counts. Sit up straight, smile, don’t fidget like your nervous, and don’t rest your chin in your hand or play on your cell phone like your board. Be animated – talk with your hands. You want to appear interested and engaged. And most important: look into the camera. We all know how important eye contact is. This applies to video conferences too!
  • Check your surroundings. Log-in to your Zoom conference before anyone else and see what your room looks like on camera. Is there too much or too little light? Does it look like the plant behind you is sprouting from your head? Is anything blocking your face or torso?

Share your tips for hosting a successful video conference!

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