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Quick Take: New Product Release

Quick Take: New Product Release

This past weekend Zoom released some cool new features and enhancements. As usual, you can take a look on our support site to find the complete release notes, and below we break down a couple particularly exciting new additions. Note this is not a forced update – you may see a prompt when you log in (just follow in the instructions), or you can manually download the update from our Download Center.

On Mute Notification

Have you ever started talking while you’re still muted, only to realize that no one can hear you? How annoying! That’s why we’ve created a notification that pops up if Zoom hears you talking while you’re on mute. The notification is a one time visual message reminding you to turn on your microphone. No more repeating yourself!

Virtual Background Enhancement

We’re going to use this as an opportunity to remind all you Zoomers out there that we offer virtual backgrounds standard. Virtual backgrounds are pretty much the coolest thing in the world. Upload any image into Zoom, and with the addition of a green screen, you can create a brand new background. Meet from anywhere – really, the only limit is your imagination! Now, virtual backgrounds have always been a lot of fun, but honestly they didn’t look as great when the lights were low. Now we’ve fixed that, improving virtual backgrounds so they look realistic and attractive even when lighting is low.

Local Recording Enhancements

Zoom offers standard MP4 (video and audio) and M4A (audio) recording. Now when your record to your desktop, you can choose to either include or hide the thumbnail videos during the screen sharing portion of your recording. Hiding them removes potential distractions from the shared content. You can also timestamp (embed the time and date into) your local recordings now.

Meeting Invitation Restriction

When scheduling a meeting from the Zoom app, you can now specify that only attendees from domains you designate can join the meeting (previously this had to be done in our admin portal). This is a great way to restrict access to the meeting without requiring attendees to enter a passcode. It’s frictionless meeting security.

There is a whole host of other enhancements we’ve added to this new release. Go ahead and check out the full release notes for details. And while you’re at it, sign up for a 1-1 demo with a product specialist get a customized Zoom run through.

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