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Raise More Money During Your Zoom Events Fundraiser with Corporate Matching via Pledge

Raise More Money During Your Zoom Events Fundraiser with Corporate Matching via Pledge

Happy Giving Tuesday! We wanted to share a new way to help you elevate your fundraising efforts when you’re using Zoom Events. Event hosts can now offer corporate matching on Zoom Events using the Pledge integration, so you can raise even more money hosting a virtual fundraiser on Zoom Events.

Raise more during your fundraiser

Pledge aligns brands with causes around the world to increase their business and achieve sustainable impact. You can already make any Zoom meeting a fundraiser using the Donations by Pledge app. Now it’s easy to set up a corporate matching option using the Pledge integration right from the event creation flow within Zoom Events:

  • Select Create Conference.
  • Fill out the Basic Info tab.
  • Go to Conference Profile. Once you fill out the event profile information, toggle the fundraising option to “On.”
  • Once fundraising is on, you will see an option to match donations.

Click “Get Started,” which will take you to the Pledge site to begin setting up your corporate profile. 

With the Pledge integration added, your attendees will have the option to donate when they register for the event or when they join the Event Lobby. Set the target goal amount to drive donations, and attendees can watch funds accumulate in real-time with live donation feeds inside the event. They can even see how much has been matched on the event page!

So host that virtual holiday party, charity gala, or school fundraiser on Zoom Events and help donations for causes important to your clients, employees, or guests go further. The best part: Zoom will cover the donation fees when donations are initiated by attendees through the Zoom Events Pledge integration.

Learn more

Download our Virtual Events Guide for best practices on hosting your next fundraiser on Zoom Event, or watch our on-demand webinar to get tips on hosting an impactful virtual holiday party.

About Pledge

Pledge makes it easy for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to make a positive impact in their communities and around the globe. With Pledge, every Zoom call, Clubhouse chat, Shopify store, and virtual event can become a fundraising opportunity and demonstrate real-time impact. Pledge processes donations to over 2 million verified nonprofits and charitable organizations of all sizes, from local to global reach, and is a proud member of the UN Global Compact, Pledge 1%, Conscious Capitalism, and PledgeLA. Visit https://www.pledge.to.

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