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Introducing React Native for Zoom’s Video SDK

Introducing React Native for Zoom’s Video SDK

Announced during the Developer Keynote at Zoomtopia 2021 last month, we’re pleased to share the general availability of React Native for Zoom’s Video SDK. React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile browser frameworks among developers, and it was highly requested from our developer community.

By adding this hybrid framework to our Video SDK, developers can write code once, to build fully customizable video-based applications that work across Android and iOS devices.

React Native and Zoom’s Video SDK

Our Video SDK enables developers to build apps with their own native user interfaces while using Zoom’s core video & audio technology plus interactive features to create exciting new experiences for their customers. With Zoom’s Video SDK, you can:

  • Extend your product value: Build video-based experiences to reach new audiences, or better support your organization. Extend the value of your product or business for existing customers.
  • Enhance your users’ experience: Interactive features like in-session chat, live streaming, and screen sharing enable dynamic and engaging experiences for your customer base.
  • Increase services and revenue potential: Expand your integration service offering, broaden your addressable customer base, and grow potential revenue streams.

With React Native for Zoom’s Video SDK, you’ll be able to bring these mobile video experiences to market – and to your customers – faster.

TaskHuman integration of Zoom’s Video SDK

How it works

Your iOS and Android apps can now use the React Native wrapper around the Zoom Video SDKs for these operating systems. React Native is an open-source framework used to develop apps for Android and iOS, and other operating systems. The wrapper provides high-level components, classes, and utilities to incorporate Zoom video features into your React Native iOS and Android apps. It also includes an API to access most of the native Zoom Video API directly from a React Native codebase. React Native for Video SDK will now have direct support from Zoom, and the React Native wrapper will have a similar feature set as the native iOS and Android Video SDKs.

With React Native, quickly get up to speed with the Zoom Video SDK and incorporate features such as video sessions, shared screens, and chat into your React Native iOS and Android apps without having to write native code. Ultimately, React Native with our Video SDK will accelerate your time to market on multiple app stores. 

React Native applications communicate with the native Zoom Video SDK over the React Native bridge primarily through the Zoom Video SDK instance. You can set up event listeners for asynchronous events in the Zoom video session (such as users joining or leaving), set up or exit a video session, implement a chat screen, and much more. 

Additional Video SDK updates

We’re also pleased to share that our latest release also includes new Video SDK APIs and Webhooks for the Video SDK. If you’ve leveraged the Zoom API in the past, you should be familiar with how to use Zoom’s RESTful APIs to get session and user information and update livestreaming status with the Video SDK. 

You can manage your video sessions and receive push events related to session resources on your Video SDK account. You can also use the Video SDK Dashboard to see information about session usage and live or past session data. The Video SDK APIs, together with the Video SDK, offer a well-rounded solution for video-based app development and management.

Check out the Developer changelog to learn more. You can also visit the Zoom developer documentation site to stay on top of upcoming changes to APIs and other Announcements.

Get started

Not using the Video SDK yet? Head over to the Video SDK webpage to get started with a Video SDK developer account or to contact our Platform Integrators/ISV sales team. Be sure to also check out our Video SDK documentation

Already using the Video SDK and want to get started with React Native? Visit the docs site for code samples and details specific to the React Native update.

For any questions or assistance with this update, with Zoom Video SDK, or any of the other solutions from the Zoom Developer Platform, please contact Developer Support or use our Developer Forum. Priority developer support is also available with Premier Developer Support.

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