Recording & Recap: Introducing Zoom’s Collaboration Suite

Recording & Recap: Introducing Zoom’s Collaboration Suite

Have you ever started talking about something and realize that the person across from you has a blank, confused stare? It happens to the best of us. Too often, those “in the know” take for granted that everyone knows what they know. That’s why today we want to go back to basics and discuss something you may not know: Zoom isn’t just for video meetings from your laptop and mobile device. Yes, we are absolutely excellent at that service, but we’re so much more!

Yesterday we hosted a webinar Introducing Zoom’s Collaboration Suite. This webinar serves as a great starting point for anyone who wants to know more about everything Zoom has to offer. World, meet Zoom. Zoom, meet world.

You can view the complete cloud recording of the webinar:

Or download the presentation.

For those seeking the abbreviated version, let us break it down for you…

Zoom has not 1, but 3 video collaboration solutions.

  1. Zoom Meetings: This cloud service combines video conferencing, online meeting features (such as screen sharing), and group messaging into one simple platform.
  2. Zoom Rooms: The industry’s first software-based meeting room system built on Mac OS and iOS.
  3. Zoom Webinars: 3,000 viewers can watch up to 25 video panelists with screen sharing.

What makes Zoom Meetings special?

It’s really quite an impressive list:

  • Zoom runs across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and your telephone
  • It interoperates with traditional H.323 and SIP room systems like Cisco Tandberg, Lifesize, and Polycom via our Cloud Room Connector
  • Up to 200 two-way video participants can join a meeting at once
  • HD video and screen sharing, including support for dual screens
  • IM and Presence
  • MP4 and M4A recording
  • Powerful screen sharing
  • Serious collaboration features: annotation, co-annotation, remote control, and tablet whiteboarding
  • Meeting Connector for on-premise deployment

 What makes Zoom Rooms so great?

  • It’s our affordable and easy alternative to the complexities of traditional room systems
  • It’s simple – if you can use an iPad, you can work Zoom Rooms
  • One tap to start or join meetings
  • Calendar integration with Outlook and Google

For more on the basics of Zoom Rooms, check out the Zoom Rooms page, or watch this webinar we just hosted.

What makes Zoom Webinars the bee’s knees?

  • The simplicity and high quality video, audio, and screen sharing you’ve come to expect from Zoom, just in webinar form
  • Up to 25 video panelists and 3,000 viewers
  • Easy but full-featured registration, Q/A, and reporting

Learn more.

If you’re new to Zoom, we suggest starting with a free account – sign up is easy! If you’re an old hand, but you want to expand to Zoom Webinars or Zoom Rooms, we suggest contacting a sales executive.

Happy Zooming!

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