Recording & Recap: Zoom Virtual Sales Webinar

Recording & Recap: Zoom Virtual Sales Webinar

Sales is a tough profession, and it’s getting tougher. For example, in 2007, it took an average of 3.68 cold calls to reach a prospect. Guess how many attempts it takes today? Eight! Not only that, salespeople spend only about 35% of their time actually selling. The rest of their time is spent on tasks such as traveling, training, and data entry.

We want to help our friends in sales! So yesterday, we hosted a webinar discussing everything from how to build a world-class sales team to how to meet with your prospects over Zoom, with experts in the field of virtual sales:

  • Doug Devitre: author of Screen to Screen Selling, certified speaker, and U/X professional
  • Peter Noble: builder at Chef with over 20 years experience in sales leadership
  • Michele Fairbank: senior sales executive at Zoom with over 15 years experience in sales and marketing

You can view the webinar on YouTube:

And here is the webinar’s presentation. If you don’t have time to watch the whole webinar, here are 5 key take-aways:

1.Diagnostic Sales

Doug kicked off our webinar by talking about diagnostic sales. He described the problem with most sales presentations: they’re prescriptive. They’re pre-made, focusing on the solution. It’s more effective to have a diagnostic approach by discussing your prospect’s problem and needs in detail. You can use Zoom iPad whiteboarding to take notes and build a list of needs with the prospect. Then you can get to your solution.

1631996792. Building Trust

Doug also discussed building trusting relationships with your prospects. He recommended asking for incremental permissions (Can we meet? Can I screen share with you now?). He also suggested asking questions, providing customer referrals, and having a strong social media presence to build trust.

3. Focus On Hiring

Peter started with an interesting fact: Buyers are now engaging sellers only after doing 57% of their due diligence on their own. This means that buyers are now very well informed about the products and marketplace, sometimes even more so than the seller. This presents a challenge for sellers as it places a higher expectation on them to know more and more. The solution is to focus on hiring the best, most skilled sales people on your team, so that they are bringing value to even the most knowledgeable prospects when they meet.


4. Structure Before Scale

Peter also stressed that you have to build a strong structure for your sales team before you scale it. This is key to shortening your sales cycle because structure helps streamline processes to create the best experience for prospects, customers, and sellers. As you scale, you should be filling out roles in lead management, sales, and account management, to ensure that the customer is taken care of throughout the life cycle.

5. Zoom Virtual Sales Tips

Michele discussed some tips for having a successful prospect meeting on Zoom:

  • Remember you’re always on camera. Have an appropriate and attractive environment, and look into the camera as if you are looking into the eyes of your customer.
  • Pay attention to non-verbal communication during the initial part of the meeting, while you’re discussing pain points and what your customer wants.
  • Use Zoom screen sharing to share your website, videos, applications, prosposal, and pricing.

Did you enjoy this webinar? Then stay tuned for our next webinar on March 25, when Support Engineer Michael Mariscal will discuss ZoomPresence. And now is the time to try Zoom for yourself – sign up for your free Zoom account today!

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