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Why Did Rubrik Deploy Zoom Rooms Around the World? ‘That Ease of Use is Really Big For Us’

Why Did Rubrik Deploy Zoom Rooms Around the World? ‘That Ease of Use is Really Big For Us’

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in business, and Rubrik has built its success on helping businesses protect and manage their data and the data of their clients and customers. As a cloud data management company, Rubrik helps businesses around the world secure, recover, mobilize and govern their data, as well as helping them meet evolving data privacy regulations. 

In our latest Zoom case study, Joseph Doyle, Director of Workplace Technologies at Rubrik, joined us to discuss how the cloud data management company uses Zoom to streamline its operations, deliver effective internal messaging, and simplify the conference room experience. Here are some of the reasons, in Joseph’s own words, why Zoom is such a valuable tool at Rubrik and why it has had such a significant impact on the organization. 

Zoom saves time

“We have a physical office that’s a mile from another physical office and nowadays everyone says, ‘Just use Zoom.’ There’s no need to come physically to that meeting. It solves a lot of our problems in regards to transportation problems, parking, logistics. So with Zoom, we’re able to hop on, connect with someone whether it’s a mile down the street or whether it’s my team in Amsterdam or my team over in India being able to connect with them instantly without having to coordinate those logistics.”

Using Zoom is stress-free

“I think what’s special about Zoom for us is that it’s fun. People enjoy using it. So being able to connect with people is easy, and if it’s easy it can be fun. And we’re getting to see and play with all these new cameras, new types of audio techniques, new ways to bring video-enabled conferencing into different areas where we didn’t have it previously. That ease of use is really big for us.”

Zoom Rooms serve multiple use cases

“We have about 120 Zoom Rooms right now globally. And we’re using them for anything from small huddle rooms to large training rooms. We also have rooms that hold a couple of hundred people for large company-wide meetings. We’re having company all-hands-type meetings, training, business review meetings, things like that over Zoom so we can capture more of our global audience.”

Sharing internal information is easier

Digital Signage is something we use pretty extensively for sharing information inside the company. When you have 100-or-so rooms throughout the world being able to have content that’s relevant that is cycling and always top-of-mind for people, and that ease of use is really big for us.”

Zoom integrates with other applications 

We have integrations between Zoom and Slack, which we use on a regular basis. We use the plug-ins for Zoom with our Google Calendar, which makes it really simple to walk in, hit the start button on the Zoom Room, and have the meeting pop up. I think I take some of those things for granted now.” 

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