Sales Enablement Society Builds a Global Network of Trust on Zoom

Sales Enablement Society Builds a Global Network of Trust on Zoom

Check out our case study on Sales Enablement Society, a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to advancing and elevating the role of sales enablement practitioners and organizations on a strategic level. With more than 2,700 members worldwide, the Sales Enablement Society is driving the strategic advancement of the profession through its 40 global chapters and thought leadership content.

By August 2017, the Sales Enablement Society was ready for their first, full-scale society conference. However, running on volunteer efforts, the society had limited time and resources to accomplish their immense goals.

“Our main problem was a lack of trust and clarity. We tried a number of conference software solutions, but the meetings were never focused. The number one thing we needed was engagement through a reliable video to build trust and relationships between strangers located across the globe,” says Britton Manasco, a founding member of the Sales Enablement Society.

Using Zoom, the Sales Enablement Society was able to break down the distance barrier and create the engagement needed to build trust and relationships. Not only was Zoom ideal for internal communications, messaging, meetings, and interviews, it became crucial in creating partnerships and promotions. In sales calls for sponsorships, Zoom helped society volunteers quickly cross the trust barrier to close deals.

Additionally, Zoom was instrumental in creating video testimonials to promote the conference on social media, selecting speakers, and developing speaker content. “Zoom’s split screen (gallery view) video feature was great for interviewing sales enablement professionals, and the automatic recording feature made social media promotion easy and reliable. When we were recruiting speakers, having face-to-face connections helped bring a comfort level that generated commitment,” says Walter Pollard, another founding member of the society.

“Zoom is an invaluable toolset for sales enablement as a whole. Whether you’re training sales reps or whiteboarding sessions with an organization, Zoom helps build engagement between parties. I can’t imagine having such dynamic meetings just over the phone,” says Pollard. The Sales Enablement Society plans to use Zoom in many aspects of their organization as it grows, including new certification programs, educational meetings, webinars, and chapter meetings.

Read the full case study, and make sure to check out other case studies as well. Ready to learn how Zoom can help your sales team close deals? Sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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