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Sales Experts Share their Video Conferencing Tips

Sales Experts Share their Video Conferencing Tips

A face-to-face meeting can be 34 times more successful than an email according to a recent HBR article. Face-to-face meetings are always my preference when possible, but in reality, it’s not always an option or an effective use of time. In sales, face-to-face meetings can be expensive, time-consuming, and can seem like a large scheduling commitment for all involved.

Video conferencing can give you many of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting while also allowing flexibility, cost savings, and scalability. Video conferencing software has become much easier to use and these days most laptops have cameras built-in. I asked sales experts what it takes to make the most out of video conferencing in the sales process.

  • Title your meeting with a benefit/value statement. Rather than “Demo for ABC company” title it “Increasing marketing ROI 2x” or “Reliable, easy to use video conferencing”. Take every opportunity you have to show your real value. Jill Rowley
  • Turn on your video! Video is authentic, engaging, and improves the way you communicate with your buyers. Remember, your competition likely isn’t leveraging video, which makes it all the more so why you SHOULD leverage video on every sales call! Even if they don’t turn on the video, leave yours on. It will help humanize you. Remove the professional distance as fast as you can! Mario Martinez Jr.
  • Demo like Steven Spielberg. Press F11 so your browser goes full screen so they don’t get distracted by the tabs you have open or your bookmarks. Check your demo to make sure it’s populated with real information and looks as legitimate as possible. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Gabe Villamizar
  • Give 100% of your attention. Video allows people to cross continents and oceans to create authentic and personal relationships, so it should be no surprise that the same etiquette required in face-to-face conversations also applies over video. Start with giving 100% of your attention to the speaker by eliminating distractions–put your cell phone away and close other windows on your computer screen. Relax and have fun! Maxwell Bogner
  • Great background = great call. My tip for video conferencing is to be hyper-aware of your background. Because it’s video, what you have surrounding you in the frame is as important as making sure you are front and center. Remove the clutter and either have a blank background (like in a conf room) or a professional background if in an office. I used to use a whiteboard as my background and that opened up many great opportunities to illustrate certain topics or ideas. Add a virtual background if you can. A bonus will be making a custom virtual background with the logo of the company you are selling to. Koka Sexton
  • Act natural. Try not to be looking down at the camera as this can lead to an unflattering angle. Use your smartphone to practice your style and to help you be more natural. If being on video is new for you, a bit of practice can help you be more comfortable! Alexander Low


Putting a little bit of effort into incorporating these tips into your next sales meeting over a video conference can help you reap a lot of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting with all the inherent benefits of a video conference. One final tip? Use the best video conferencing software. Sign up for a 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to get started.

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