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Enhance Your Screen Sharing, Breakout Rooms in New Zoom Release

Enhance Your Screen Sharing, Breakout Rooms in New Zoom Release

In Zoom’s continued commitment to providing the very best communication solutions to our growing customer base, we are constantly innovating the Zoom platform to elevate usability and improve how business gets done today. We call the agile rollout of new features the “Speed to Innovation,” and this strategy helps us more rapidly deliver the features our great customers demand.

In our latest platform update, we’ve created some amazing new features that will improve on a variety of Zoom capabilities, including how you share content and use Breakout Rooms.

Screen Sharing

One of the great things about Zoom is how easy it is for anyone in a Zoom meeting to share content with others on the call. And screen sharing with Zoom just keeps getting better! A few of the latest enhancements:

View All Participants' Video When Screen Sharing

  • View all participants’ video: Presenters can now see everyone on video in Gallery View even as they share a screen. The expandable Gallery View for presenters displays up to 25 or 49 participants, depending on your Zoom client settings and computer specs.
  • Minimize toolbar: You can fully minimize the toolbar when sharing your screen and easily bring it back by hitting ESC.
  • Mute notifications: The “Do Not Disturb” status automatically switches on during a screen share, which mutes all notifications.
  • Added colors: The annotation feature now has 16 color options.
  • Zoom Rooms audio: For Windows users, sharing in a Zoom Room now gives the option to share the computer audio (so go ahead and show that YouTube video!).

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms, a capability that allows you to split a Zoom meeting into up to 50 separate sessions, also received an update. You can now:

  • Pre-assign users: A meeting host can now pre-assign users to specific breakout rooms using their email addresses or an imported CSV user list.
  • Enable closed captioning: The closed captioning option is available for each breakout session.

To unlock these great new features, update your Zoom client and app now. Or sign up for a customized 1-1 demo to see these new features and everything Zoom.

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