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Latest Zoom Release: Zoom Phone Enhancements, Microsoft Teams Integration, Added Meeting Protections

Latest Zoom Release: Zoom Phone Enhancements, Microsoft Teams Integration, Added Meeting Protections

Constant innovation for our customers is core to Zoom’s mission, and our latest updates to the Zoom platform provide our customers with the features and the flexibility they need to create a secure, efficient communications infrastructure. Included in the September 2019 release are a number of new features for Zoom Phone, including a shared voicemail inbox and comprehensive usage reports, expanded Dashboard information on Zoom Rooms, and several Zoom Meetings enhancements. 

Zoom Phone updates

Our latest release includes more than 20 new Zoom Phone features. Some of those highlights:

Expanded Zoom Phone Reporting & Analytics

Account owners and admins can view phone usage data, including call queue statistics, calls received, calls made, missed calls, calls forwarded to voicemail, and average call time.

Shared Line Appearance

Administrators may now assign multiple phone lines to a single user, including phone numbers already assigned to other users, to provide enhanced call coverage and call delegation. Users may also use shared line appearance to park and retrieve a call to/from other devices or Zoom apps.

Support for Multiple Lines on Desk Phones

Users with Zoom-recommended desk phones that support multiple lines can assign and receive calls directly from one or more phone numbers assigned to their user account. Users may also select a line for outbound calling, and the Zoom Phone system will automatically use the selected phone number as their published Caller ID. 

Shared Voicemail

Zoom admins can now assign users permission to retrieve and listen to messages from shared voicemail inboxes of other phone users, call queues, or auto receptionists.

Set International Calling Rules

Account owners and admins can enable or disable international calling at the account or user level. 

Automatic Call Recording

In addition to the current on-demand call recording capability, account owners and admins can enable full-time automatic call recording for individual users.

Mobile Call Switch to Carrier

Users can now use the Zoom mobile app on iOS and Android to seamlessly switch an in-progress Zoom Phone call from VoIP-over-LTE/4G/wifi to the traditional PSTN or cellular network.

Zoom Phone for Linux

Zoom Phone is now supported on Zoom’s Linux app.

Check out the video on some of the latest updates to Zoom Phone:

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Other Zoom enhancements

A few other notable enhancements to the Zoom platform include:

Require Passwords for All Meetings Option

Administrators can now require users to create a password when scheduling Zoom meetings. This feature will only apply to newly scheduled meetings and instant meetings, although administrators can also choose to set a password for previously scheduled meetings if needed. The meeting password is embedded into the Join URL, so this option won’t affect users joining by clicking on a Zoom link. This feature is on by default for all accounts (rolled out Sept. 29 and continuing over the next several weeks) but can be enabled or disabled for the entire account, groups of users, or specific users. Learn more about the new password settings.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Using Microsoft Teams? We have an integration for that. Adding Zoom meetings to your Teams environment brings the best video communications options to your productivity hub. With this new integration, you can easily schedule new meetings by inviting members from your organization or external attendees. When it’s time, you can start or join the meeting with just one click. The personal Zoom tab also can be pinned by your account admin to Teams’ persistent left navigation bar. 

View Zoom Rooms Usage by Check-in in Dashboard

The Zoom Dashboard will now show information about which Zoom Rooms have been checked into and released so admins can better understand Zoom Room utilization. 

30-Plus API Changes

New and enhanced APIs for developers include SIP Phone APIs, List Rooms API, Chat message, Chat contact, Chat channel APIs (at the user level), Search contacts API, and additional response fields for the Account/Group Lock Settings APIs, User Settings APIs, and various others.

This update will include the ability to extend features from the Zoom Web Portal into Zoom APIs, so that third-party developers can create and innovate new features for Zoom customers through automation. 

Stay up to date

Zoom’s engineers are constantly innovating and updating our platform to give our customers the capabilities they need to succeed. To gain access to these new features, update your Zoom client by visiting If you’d like to learn more about any of these features, check out our knowledge base or sign up for a customized 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today.

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