Shameless Plug: Zoom on YouTube

Shameless Plug: Zoom on YouTube

We’re unashamed to make a shameless plug for our YouTube channel: Zoom Meetings (

We here at Zoom Video Communications know how important video is to sharing knowledge, so we’ve added three playlists to our YouTube channel that will help you make the most of your Zoom experience.

Playlist 1: About Zoom Video Conferencing.

This playlist gives you an overview of our company, our unified meeting platform, the benefits of mobile meetings and conference room set-up tips.

Zoom Video CommunicationsPlaylist 2: How To Zoom.

Our support team has made various how-to videos to show you how to perform tasks on Zoom such as getting started, scheduling a meeting, hosting a meeting, managing your account and managing other users. We’ve designed Zoom to be intuitive, but these videos can help you perfect your Zooming and learn about features you might have overlooked. We plan to produce more how-to videos in the near future so please let us know if there are other videos you would like to see.

Playlist 3: Zoom User Experience.

Last, but certainly not least, some of our users have created videos that review or provide how-to’s for Zoom, including a review from the WSJ Digital Network.

We hope you find these videos helpful and informative. And remember, the best way to learn about Zoom is to use Zoom, so sign up for a free account today!

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