Simplify How You Schedule, Start & Join Zoom Meetings with Calendar Integrations

Simplify How You Schedule, Start & Join Zoom Meetings with Calendar Integrations

Zoom integrates with numerous calendar services, allowing you to use your preferred video platform in combination with your preferred calendar solution. It’s ultra-convenient and makes managing your schedule easier than ever because you can access a Zoom video meeting with one click, right from your calendar event.

To streamline your workflow you can set Zoom as your default meeting option in your calendar solution. (More on that below!)

Here’s how to get Zooming from some of the most popular cloud calendars with just a single click.

Google Calendar

To add Zoom to your Google Calendar events with a single click, visit the Google Workspace Marketplace to install the Zoom for GSuite add-on. Here’s a short how-to video:

Chrome users can also install the Zoom Chrome Extension found on the Chrome Web Store.

If you’re an account admin, make it super easy for your users to schedule with Zoom by setting Zoom as your default video service. It only takes a few clicks. Check out our support article for a walkthrough, or watch this two-minute how-to video:

Microsoft Outlook

Follow the steps in our Zoom for Outlook add-in support article to add a Zoom meeting to any new or existing calendar event and better manage scheduling within the Outlook web and desktop apps.


To automatically add Zoom video conferencing details to your Calendly events and meeting reminders, visit the Zoom App Marketplace and download the Zoom for Calendly integration.

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For more ways to simplify how you schedule and join meetings right from your calendar, check out the list of scheduling integrations offered on the Zoom App Marketplace. 

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