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Singapore Firm GIC Leverages Zoom for Reliable Global Communications  

Singapore Firm GIC Leverages Zoom for Reliable Global Communications  

As a sovereign wealth fund that manages the foreign reserves of Singapore’s government, GIC Private Limited is in the business of providing a financially secure future for Singapore. Specializing in long-term investments, GIC Private Limited invests in market equities, real estate, bonds, and other markets to supplement the development and growth of Singapore’s infrastructure, including the education system, healthcare system, and physical infrastructure. 

Global investments require global communications

GIC Private Limited has seen steady growth over the last decade as it increases its participation in the global market, with offices in 10 key financial cities and investments in dozens of countries around the world. And as GIC continues to expand its reach, consistent, clear communication between investors and offices has become critical to the firm’s success. 

“We do business in more than 40 countries, in different markets, different time zones, and different locations, and communication is our lifeline,” said Victor Chua, Head of Strategy, Architecture & Infrastructure, with GIC’s Technology Group.

With employees working across different environments, devices, and configurations, it was difficult to collaborate for GIC easily and seamlessly. After conducting a technology assessment, the teams at GIC saw that their legacy communications system couldn’t provide the interoperability they needed for a wide range of devices. 

“We really needed a platform that was device-agnostic – supporting multiple platforms such as Apple, Android, Windows – to unify communications across non-homogeneous devices,” said Fayouz Sunnooman, Vice President of End User Experience with GIC’s Technology Group. “We wanted something that could standardize our communications infrastructure within GIC, and we wanted to simplify it so anyone could use the solution and could easily fix it when something goes wrong.”

Implementing Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform

After switching to Zoom, the teams at GIC were able to use Zoom’s client technology to identify issues with network instability and improve the quality of their video and audio communications

“Zoom’s portal enables our support team to see with granularity what’s going on in a meeting and helps us pinpoint, for instance, what’s driving network instability,” Sunnooman noted. 

“We use it for audio, video, hybrid calls, and screen sharing, we use it internally among GIC colleagues and for external meetings, and we use it for job interviews,” Chua added. “People here love Zoom and took to it very naturally.”

As GIC’s global workforce continues to grow and more workers begin working from home, Sunnooman and Chua are hopeful that implementing Zoom will give GIC’s employees more flexibility and freedom. 

“We are really in the business of creating compelling and frictionless end-user experiences for our employees,” Chua said. 

“You don’t have to be on your corporate device to join a meeting,” Sunnooman added. “Zoom covers that gap and really improves the work-from-home experience.”

Read the full case study on how GIC Private Limited uses Zoom for global communications, and schedule a personalized Zoom demo with a product specialist today!

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