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Slack + Zoom Enables Frictionless Communications for HubSpot

Slack + Zoom Enables Frictionless Communications for HubSpot

If you’re a regular reader of the Zoom blog, you’ll know that our customers love our app integrations, specifically our integration with Slack. The messaging and communication platform is one of the most popular apps in the Zoom App Marketplace, with more than 15,000 Slack teams using the app each month. HubSpot uses both Slack and Zoom and is one of those customers that understands just how big of a role the apps’ interoperability plays in the company’s success.

As one of the premier marketing, sales and service platforms, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based HubSpot helps organizations of all sizes grow using its portfolio of content management, social media marketing, customer relationship management, and analytics services. And seamless internal and external communication is critical for the future of HubSpot.

Andrew Lindsay, HubSpot’s vice president of corporate development and business development, has teams located in HubSpot’s headquarters outside Boston and also in Singapore and San Francisco. Regular in-person communication is a challenge, to say the least. Thus, effective collaboration across geographies and time zones, Lindsay says, requires seamless digital communication.

“In the past, being remote would have meant less communication or we don’t see people face to face,” Lindsay said. But the proliferation of apps in the workplace has removed some of the obstacles for remote workforces as long as the solutions work well with each other to enhance productivity, something he can always count on from the integrated Slack and Zoom platforms.

“Slack and Zoom are the two most critical ways within HubSpot that we overcome the challenges of being distant,” Lindsay said. “The development of these apps has changed the way I communicate.”

For example, Lindsay spends much of his day exchanging messages and monitoring channel updates in Slack to stay current on team activities. And when a simple chat conversation just isn’t cutting it, he can easily transition to a video call using Zoom’s Slack app. “When I’m sitting in Slack having a conversation with somebody, often we decide spontaneously that we want to start a Zoom,” he said. “It’s as simple as [typing] /zoom, and you have the invite go out and you’re on within 30 seconds. It is a fully seamless experience.”

The compatibility of leading-edge solutions like Slack and Zoom drive business today by improving productivity and better executing daily workflows. Zoom even offers a Hubspot app for joint users to receive HubSpot event notifications and search their HubSpot account database, further enabling frictionless business communications for all types of users.

“[Slack and Zoom is] how we communicate with each other. That’s how we communicate with our customers,” he said. “And for us to have a seamless experience between those apps makes us much more efficient in our day and helps us to serve our customers better.” 

Watch the video to learn more about how HubSpot uses Slack + Zoom to enhance internal and external communications:

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