Small Businesses Zoom Too!

Small Businesses Zoom Too!

180407702Large, international companies aren’t the only ones Zooming today! Thousands of SMBs (small to medium businesses) use Zoom, from 100-person start-ups down to one-person owner-operated consultants and educators. Today we’re focusing on those small but mighty Zoom customers: independent business owners-operators, the often-overlooked lifeblood of our economy.

Why Do These Businesses Love Zoom?

For starters, think about the priority for SMBs: the happiness and satisfaction of their customers. We’ve spoken to dozens of these business owners and what we hear over and over is that their previous video conferencing solutions were straining their customer relationships.

Imagine you’re a customer. Your hire an independent business to teach you a skill or help you solve a problem, and you’re paying them by the hour. So they ask to meet over video. “Sounds good!” you say. Then you spend the first ten minutes of the hour meeting signing up for the video conferencing software they use, trying to figure out how to join the meeting, and get your video and audio up and running. Then, throughout the rest of the meeting the audio is cutting in and out. Are you a happy customer? Do you feel you got your money’s worth for that hour? No!

This is an independent business owner’s worst nightmare. So we often hear how happy they are that they found Zoom for the following reasons:

  • Easy Start: Customers don’t need to sign up for Zoom. They just click the link in the email invitation that downloads the lightweight Zoom app to join the meeting.
  • Easy To Use: Customers don’t need to figure anything out. There are no unnecessary steps or bells and whistles to distract or confuse them.
  • Reliable: Zoom has a scalable infrastructure that allows up to 100 two-way participants or 1,000 Video Webinar viewers to join without any degradation in quality. If a participant has low bandwidth, Zoom will alert all the participants in the meeting and minimize that person’s video rather than allowing for distracting skipping.

We often hear from independent business owners that their customers liked their Zoom experience so much, they’ve started to use it in their own businesses!

Who is Zooming?

“That’s all well and good,” you say, “but I’d prefer to hear it from the business owners themselves.”

Ask and you shall receive! We’ve put together a series of case studies and videos to share with you – in the customers’ own words – why they use Zoom and how it has helped their businesses.

Check out these video testimonials:

INhouse – a video production company uses Zoom to connect with and coach their customers in creating their own corporate videos

“All the training we do worldwide is done with Zoom…It was so easy to use…and the quality of the video was amazing, we can set up a studio anywhere in the world just by using Zoom.” – Peter Matejcek, INhouse

Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk – concierge physician and executive at a healthcare start-up virtually meets with his patients and team

“With Zoom, you’re unlimited with where you can go and where you can reach. And it’s a heck of a lot better than reaching out with just a phone call. The ease of it, setting somebody up for a meeting is basically as simple as opening up my Zoom and now all you gotta do is invite somebody…in a matter of 60 seconds we’ll be up and running like that.” – Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, Nudge and Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center

…and these case studies:

Acting in the Digital Age – a NYC acting coach runs hybrid and online classes

78744321“Once we started using Zoom, my students loved it! It is reliable and this had a strong impact on their morale…With Zoom, I feel like I can really serve my clients.” – Rosalyn Coleman Williams, Acting in the Digital Age

Technically Simple – a technology and life coach instructs his clients through 3-month online courses

“It was a relief to see that Zoom was able to support a large number of participants. Another thing I’ve noticed was that with other solutions we often spent the first ten minutes of our sessions trying to figure out the technology. With Zoom, the majority of my clients figured out how to use the software before I had the chance to offer instructions at all.” – Tim Stringer, Technically Simple

Daily Mafia – a one-man virtual gaming platform with hundreds of users

“When we first switched to Zoom, players were skeptical about the software. They were not very motivated about the change. But once players joined a meeting, they enjoyed how convenient it was to use Zoom. The first things they noticed were the improvement in the video stream quality and how easy it was to join and leave the meeting.” – Chris Stottle, Daily Mafia

Virtual Mediation Lab – a mediator runs a mediation school and mediates disputes without ever leaving his office

489429405When you use a piece of video conferencing software, it becomes your business card. The ability to brand your software, or the fact that the software is very simple to use, leaves an impression on people.” – Giuseppe Leone, Virtual Mediation Lab

SynerGenius – a psychiatrist meets virtually with her patients

Zoom was one of the very few choices available to me that made a noticeable difference in the way I was able to communicate with my patients. When something goes wrong, I need a strong support system to solve any issues I may have. I can’t say enough about how helpful Zoom consistently is in this aspect. Added to this, Zoom has a very attractive price point, dramatically better than anything similar in quality. Plus, Zoom offers a level of privacy and security that allows my patients peace of mind, and lets them focus on getting well.”- Chanel Helgason MD, SynerGenius

…and this case and video:

YUMs Yoga – Australia-based yoga instructor teaches new moms yoga via Zoom – here’s the case and demo

Zoom is one of the few pieces of software that enables us to reach out and connect to other human beings in a way that makes your life better. Since I’ve started using Zoom, there have been features added that only made the experience better. Nonetheless, I feel that Zoom got it right when it first started.” – Alicia Tan, YUMs Yoga

Get On Board!

If you’re a business owner, we hope the testimonials above have swayed you to try out Zoom. Sign up for an account today – it’s free with no strings attached!

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