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Smarter selling with new features for Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Smarter selling with new features for Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Let’s face it, the success or failure of a sale usually comes down to one thing — the pitch. Unfortunately, an effective pitch is hard to perfect, and more importantly, many don’t have the information they need to enhance their sales process.  

However, artificial intelligence (AI) may hold the answers — after all, 88% of chief sales officers (CSOs) have already invested in or are considering investing in AI analytics tools and technologies. To help our customers take advantage of this exciting technology, we’ve developed new features for our recently released conversational intelligence software, Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Here are some game-changing new features to help your sales teams improve their performance and enhance customer experiences.   

Zoom Phone availability

While using video meetings for sales calls has taken off, many sales teams still heavily rely on phone to connect with customers. We’ve made Zoom Revenue Accelerator available for Zoom Phone to help sales teams enhance their performance and improve the customer journey, whether they connect via phone or video. 

And best of all, team leaders and admins can use this conversation intelligence solution to see data and insights exclusively for meetings or phone conversations or both meetings and phone conversations to help them fine-tune their sales strategies.

Native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer relationship management (CRM) integrations are essential for modern businesses, especially if you want to maximize the value of conversational intelligence platforms. We’ve created a native integration that allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 admins to integrate Zoom Revenue Accelerator into their accounts. 

This syncs Zoom Revenue Accelerator data with the deal progress data and provides enhanced analytics. By combining the latest opportunity data with the conversations that have happened throughout a deal, you’ll get a holistic sense of the health of that opportunity and your overall pipeline.   

Best practices for Zoom Revenue Accelerator e-book

Introducing your team to a new tool can present unique challenges. But you’re in luck — we’ve put together all the best practices for onboarding Zoom Revenue Accelerator to help get your team started on the right foot!

This e-book provides battle-tested best practices for onboarding Zoom Revenue Accelerator in your sales team to help ease pushback and increase adoption. Use this e-book to: 

  • Explain how Zoom Revenue Accelerator works and the benefits for your team
  • Discover strategies for introducing employees to the solution and increasing its use
  • Get tips for leveraging Zoom Revenue Accelerator to aid in personal and team development

Discover the power of Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Want to learn more about how Zoom Revenue Accelerator provides critical data and insights to help enhance employee performance, improve customer experiences, and provide important context for critical decisions? Read this blog, or visit our Zoom Revenue Accelerator webpage.

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