Primer on Zoom 2.5 Features

Primer on Zoom 2.5 Features

By now you’re probably enjoying your new Zoom version 2.5, released in mid December. We just want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting and are using Zoom to it’s full potential. So, without further adieu, here is the full low-down on the 2.5 enhancements:

Improved Interface

Our interface was already doing quite fine, but why stop there? We have updated Zoom’s interface with some minor improvements that give you as enhanced and experience as possible. This includes the option to use a personal meeting ID number at all times, the option to always show participants’ names on the video window, a more prominent “Stop share” button to help prevent button hunting while sharing screens, and the ability to display the active remote attendee on your primary monitor during dual screen streaming.

Personalize Your Meeting ID!

In our latest iteration of Zoom, we made sure you can choose a personal meeting ID , letting you create instant, personal meetings. This also allows you to password-protect your meetings so that unwanted guests don’t just pop in. With personal meeting IDs, you get to create your own permanent guest room that can accommodate a large number of people.

Zoom - RecordingEnhanced Recording

Until now, recording was just a simple feature that captured the meeting through the touch of a button. With our enhanced recording feature, you will be able to record active speaker-only, gallery view or content sharing with video thumbnails. In addition a M4A audio-only file is also generated. That gives you even more flexibility during post-editing.

iPad Whiteboarding

Adding a new dimension to our ecosystem of collaboration features, iPad real-time whiteboarding presents a great tool for educators and professionals everywhere. Read more about this feature on our feature focus.

Gallery View Extended to Room Systems

If you’re one of the folks who has a fancy SIP/H.323 meeting room system, we haven’t forgotten about you! Zoom now lets you use gallery view for up to 25 participants in your meetings.

Video Participant Capacity Extended to 100

Yes, you read that right: 100 video participants! Sometimes the 25-participant capacity just isn’t big enough for your company-wide briefings, corporate trainings or other large-capacity events. You can now meet with up to 100 people using a special add-on plan.

Toll-Free Dial-Ins!

You have the option to allow your participants to use a toll-free number to dial into meetings.  Simply go to your account/billing and subscribe to Toll-Free numbers.

Group Messaging

Perhaps one of the most awesome features of Zoom for mobile devices is the ability to send text, images, and audio to multiple people! It’s like having a conversation on your phone, minus finding a physical place to meet. This feature is available on iOS and Android.

Webinar (in Beta)

We have developed a stunning cloud webinar feature (video and screen sharing) for up to 1000 attendees and is now in beta. Contact us if you’re interested in trying it out!

Zoom - ImprovementsWhat Will 2014 Bring?

2013 was a wonderful year for Zoom. We’ve brought tons of improvements to our software, but we’re not done yet. There’s no telling what you’ll see in 2014, but one thing is certain: Zoom will continue to be a proactive and innovative cloud meeting platform!

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