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Superior Support, The Zoom Way

Superior Support, The Zoom Way

Today we take an unusual deep dive. Instead of looking at a specific product or feature, we’re going to examine a vital team at Zoom: Technical Support. You might be thinking, “Um, isn’t Zoom the easiest meeting solution in the world? Why do you need technical support?” Well, of course it is! But when you have a gigantic customer base clocking north of 20 billion annualized meeting minutes and enterprises configuring thousands and thousands of Zoom conference rooms, questions do tend to arise. Zoom’s technical support team is here to help. In fact, they are a crucial element of Zoom’s industry-leading (or shall we say, industry-crushing?) NPS of 72, which measures our overall customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at what Zoom’s technical support team offers our customers.

The Basics of Zoom Support

Zoom offers 24/7/365 support. That’s right, even on Sunday or at midnight or on Christmas Day, our support team is minding the tickets. What about a Sunday midnight Christmas? Yep, we’re all over it.

Our support team answers user questions or issues, or to borrow the support team nomenclature “tickets,” via live chat and email (which a customer can submit through support.zoom.us). For our Business, Education, Enterprise, and API plan customers, we also offer telephone support.

No matter who you are, a real live person will be answering your Zoom question or request quickly. We have a target response time of 24 hour or less (often much less!) for any issue or user.

By the way, helping our customers doesn’t begin and end with the tech support team. We also offer services in training, consulting, branding, implementation, custom solutions, and development.

Staying Accountable

We know our tech support team is awesome. We know because we work with them every day. We also know because we get real-time feedback on their customer interactions. Whenever a tech support rep marks a ticket resolved, the customer receives a short email requesting they mark their satisfaction level and add any comments related to our services. Our current tech support satisfaction level exceeds 97%.

Robust Knowledge Base

Many customer questions don’t even require a tech support rep. They can be easily answered through our robust Knowledge Base, where we host hundreds of articles on our products and features for everyone from the complete Zoom novice to the seasoned Zoom admin. Currently, we have about 400 articles hosted on support.zoom.us. Take a quick look to find answers to everything from how to start or join a meeting to how to configure a hybrid on-premise / cloud Zoom deployment.


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Tech support is, at the end of the day, not about hours or tickets or articles. It is really about people and their passion for helping others. Anyone can say they are dedicated, but look no further than the most recent Zoom holiday party as proof of true dedication from our support team. Our Kansas City and remote US support reps flew to San Francisco to join their colleagues for the annual holiday party. Even while traveling and staying in hotel rooms, they didn’t miss a beat. Our international teams stepped up their hours, and our domestic teams gathered together in a hotel ballroom to answer tickets and help their customers. Everyone worked adjusted schedules and longer hours to make sure we didn’t miss a beat for our customers. This is the true embodiment of Zoom’s promise to deliver happiness and our core motto to care for our customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Zoom can support your company with our product and people, sign up for a personalized 1-1 demo today!

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