How to Talk to Prospective Customers Through Zoom

How to Talk to Prospective Customers Through Zoom

We frequently meet customers whose entire livelihood relies on interacting with their clients via Zoom. In many cases, they are reaching out to people who would otherwise have had no access to their services. In other cases, our customers reach out remotely in order to avoid the stress and expense involved in business travel.

There are many best practices that can help you improve customer retention and even increase the rate of conversion from prospect to loyal client by using Zoom. We’ll show you how.

87775294Use visual cues to your advantage.

When speaking to a prospective client, you must show authority in the services that you are providing. This is why doctors on magazine covers are shown wearing lab coats and stethoscopes (even if the person is a surgeon who rarely wears a lab coat or a stethoscope). Of course, it might look a little bit silly to show up in a meeting room donning that apparel, but there are other ways to convey authority. Surely enough, having a little clutter on your desk and some diplomas and awards hanging on the wall will do the trick.

Good equipment equals good service.

Let’s say you’re a beekeeper. You’ll need a solid hive and protective gear, right? What if we told you that you also need a good camera and microphone?

OK, so a beekeeper is probably not going to use Zoom to sell his/her product (though if you do, please let us know!). But therapists, coaches, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and many others do this on a daily basis. To show that you are serious about your remote activities, you need to present yourself with some technological flair.

80410772We all know Zoom works great even with your computer’s built-in camera and microphone, but if you’re making a first appearance with a new customer, it probably pays to create an ideal setup for yourself, including a speakerphone and high-quality pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera. Get decent equipment (check out our certified Zoom partners for your shopping list) and play around with it until you know how to use it properly. To start, keep your microphone close to you and never move more than five feet away from the camera in one-on-one meetings.

If you’re remotely delivering your services, then this should be the top item on your priority list. Expect better results when you’ve hooked up a microphone and camera that make you look and sound clearer. Zoom will do the rest.

Let your prospect speak.

508580789During a digital meeting, one of the worst things you can do is interrupt your client. It’s easy for prospects to simply not call on you again if they felt that the initial meeting was unpleasant. You want to develop a strong bond between you and the client. This involves two-way communication. Ask a lot of questions about their needs. If your prospect has questions, let them ask, then answer them regardless of what you were saying previously. Hold your thoughts then continue on when the issue has been addressed to their satisfaction.

You want your clients to come out of each meeting saying, “Wow, I love this person!” Good experiences lead to recommendations, and you can get even more prospective clients through word-of-mouth without having to make any effort marketing. A big part of your job is done for you as long as you can make a lasting impression on prospects that keeps them loyal and amazed with your professionalism, authority, and respect.

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And finally, unless all of your clients have an IT degree, you’ll need a solution that everybody can use without issue or technical difficulty. If you haven’t tried Zoom, sign up for a free account today!

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