The Tech Industry Zooms

The Tech Industry Zooms

Let’s say you’re having surgery. It’s an important and expensive procedure. But which surgeon will you trust to perform your operation? Wouldn’t you like to know which surgeon other medical professionals would turn to for the same procedure? Who is so great that other doctors would join a six month waiting list just to get on their table?

Shakil Khan's home screen
Find Zoom on Shakil Khan’s Home Screen

By the same token, if you were going to invest in a technology for your business, wouldn’t you want to know what company those in the tech industry are turning to? Well, for video conferencing, web meetings, and mobile collaboration, the answer is increasingly clear: Zoom.

Technology leaders and companies are turning to Zoom for their video conferencing needs. Want some hard proof? A recent Business Insider article revealed that Zoom is present on the smartphone home screens of 2 of 11 leaders in high tech surveyed: Shakil Khan, head of Special Projects at Spotify and founder of Bitcoin news site Coin Desk, and Sonny Vu (in the Pix | Comm folder), founder of Misfit Wearables.

We’ve also talked to many other start up tech companies using Zoom, such as:

  • Brevity, a multinational company that helps companies quickly move and transcode video files
  • Hitreach, a UK-based website development company
  • LiquidSpace, a startup that connects those in need of workspaces with high quality meeting rooms, office rentals, and coworking spaces
  • Lookout, a provider of mobile and network security for individuals, businesses and governments
  • Stay tuned for an upcoming post about Zoom customer Twoodo, a team collaboration tool for the hashtag generation

They all use Zoom for many purposes across their companies. Some common uses of Zoom among tech startups are:

  • Weekly all-hands meetings with international teams
  • Daily scrum meetings
  • Meeting with customers and potential customers in other countries
  • Building an affordable, state-of-the-art video conference room

Tech executive on iPadWhy do these companies flock to Zoom? Some frequently-stated reasons are:

  • Easy deployment, which makes it very suitable for customer meetings
  • Stable platform, even across oceans
  • Affordability, which is key for a startup
  • Screen sharing and remote control, which are essential for product development meetings
  • Robust mobile collaboration platform

If the successes of all these high tech companies have you interested in trying Zoom, give it a whirl by signing up for a free account.

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