Tech Qualled Recruits, Trains & Places Veterans for Amazing Tech Sales Careers, and Zoom is There to Help

Tech Qualled Recruits, Trains & Places Veterans for Amazing Tech Sales Careers, and Zoom is There to Help

For the brave men and women in our armed forces, making the transition back into civilian life can be difficult, especially without the specialized training and knowledge that many of today’s tech companies need. But Texas-based firm Tech Qualled is working to give our military veterans the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive world of technology sales.

Tech Qualled offers veterans a free, intensive seven-week course in technology sales and also serves as a recruitment agency, offering its graduates a chance to impress sales managers at companies like Nutanix and Check Point Software in an effort to provide them with meaningful employment opportunities.

By providing enrolled veterans with valuable knowledge and the chance for gainful technology sales employment, Tech Qualled is able to offer its hiring partners candidates that have the drive and valuable life experience to make a difference. 

“The candidates we get are very disciplined,” said Todd Brown, CEO of Tech Qualled. “If you ask them to go prospecting in a new territory, they’re going to get after it, they’re going to find a creative way to make more phone calls. They also have more credibility and life experience. One of the veterans I recently placed was heading up the Amphibious Assault Vehicle program for the Marines. So they sometimes have more to offer than a recent college graduate.”

Virtually training and placing veterans 

Tech Qualled is able to use Zoom at every stage in the training process, from enrolling candidates to placing them with tech companies, and is able to provide these veterans with lucrative career opportunities they never knew existed.

As a virtual company, Tech Qualled has a large number of candidates that attend classes from rural areas and military bases around the U.S. Providing an engaging, hands-on learning experience can be difficult when candidates are learning virtually, especially when they’re in areas that don’t have a reliable internet connection. 

The teams at Tech Qualled also connect graduates with sales managers at these technology companies to get them hired. Providing hiring managers with an accurate picture of the Tech Qualled graduates’ abilities can be difficult when both the managers and candidates are spread across the country, and that’s where Zoom comes in. 

Brown had used Zoom in a previous position with excellent results, and he was pleased to find out that the teams at Tech Qualled were already using Zoom’s video conferencing platform

“It was Jim Sherriff, one of our co-founders, who decided that we should use Zoom,” Brown said. “Jim used to work at Cisco as a high-level executive, so when I heard he was the one who chose Zoom as our solution, it made me feel at ease.”

The benefits of using Zoom

Zoom’s easy-to-use and reliable video-first unified communications platform has played an integral role in providing Tech Qualled’s candidates with an interactive, hands-on learning experience. Brown and other Tech Qualled staff and coaches frequently use the Breakout Room feature, which allows them to divide trainees into separate groups where candidates can work on specific selling scenarios. 

“One of the main reasons we chose Zoom was because of the Breakout Room feature,” Brown said. “We’ll break the class into four or five rooms where they can role-play different situations, then we’ll bring everyone back together to digest what we just heard in those rooms.”

The teams at Tech Qualled also use Zoom to ensure that candidates are retaining the information they learn. By hosting a live forum at the beginning of every week, Tech Qualled coaches and staff can answer questions from candidates and test their knowledge retention by connecting them with subject matter experts in real time.

But one of the most important roles Zoom plays in helping these veterans find employment, Brown says, is exposing them directly to hiring managers.

During the final week of the course, every candidate participates in an intensive five-day training where hiring managers are invited to pop in and out of the Breakout Rooms to get a look at the veterans in action. This gives a more thorough understanding of a candidate’s skills and abilities and whether or not that person would make a good fit at their respective companies. 

“We currently have 52 partners we work with who have hired from us over the past four years,” Brown said. “And we can work with those partners more actively with Zoom by having them actually watch our candidates and see them in action.” 

More opportunities for veterans

Tech Qualled’s service and training, Brown says, is just one way to help repay these veterans for all that they’ve done for their country.

“Every veteran who completes the course and is placed in a position writes a blog for us after 90 days on the job so they can share their story,” Brown said. “A lot of them will say that they had no idea that an opportunity like this was available to them.” 

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