The Importance of Being an All-in-One Solution

The Importance of Being an All-in-One Solution

We at Zoom have written a highly dramatic play just for you, our beloved reader. This play is based on our recent experiences chatting with prospective customers. Please indulge us a moment…

The Importance of Being Comprehensive

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.38.51 AMZoom Employee: So what platform do you use for collaboration at your company?
Prospective Customer: Well, we have Service A for messaging, Services B and C for web meetings, Service D for presentations, Service E for audio conferencing, Service F for our conference rooms, and Service G for webinars. Oh, and our sales team uses Service H and the engineering team tends to use Service I.”
ZE [wide-eyed with horror]: What?! Do these services even work together?
PC [confused]: Um….no?  Are they supposed to?
ZE : And you’re all happy with this?
PC: Well, a top executive did throw a speakerphone at the wall when he couldn’t figure out how to dial in to our board meeting yesterday.
ZE [throwing an arm around their shoulder]: You need help. Please…let me help you.
PC: No…I…[tears up in a moment of realization]…Yes! Please!

End Scene.

Pulitzer-worthy? Certainly not. Accurate? Absolutely! The biggest problem we’ve seen in enterprises lately isn’t a lack of collaboration solutions, it’s that they have too many, none of which meet all their needs or work seamlessly together. The IT team cobbles together a few solutions that, while expensive and complex, seem to suit specific use cases. The other teams, finding these too difficult to use, end up choosing their own free solutions that lack security and full functionality to fill in the gaps. What a mess!

That’s where Zoom can help! You don’t have to compromise with Zoom. We do it all on our easy and fully secure platform:

  • Video Conferencing: Up to 200 HD video participants
  • Audio Conferencing: Clear VoIP and PSTN audio with options for toll-free and international
  • Mobile: Zoom runs on iOS, Android, and Blackberry with mobile schedule, start, join, and collaboration. We have the only true mobile screen sharing.
  • Screen Sharing and Collaboration: Screen share your desktop, applications,  and even videos with audio.  Co-annotation, recording, and remote control.
  • IM and Presence: Cross-platform (mobile, tablet, and desktop) group messaging with your colleagues and other Zoom contacts. Start meetings instantly from this easy interface.
  • Conference Rooms: Bring your conference rooms into the cloud with our H.323/SIP Room Connector for traditional conference systems or create a Zoom Room, our software-defined video conference room system.
  • Webinars: Up to 25 video panelists presenting and screen sharing with up to 3,000 attendees.
  • Partners help us do even more – learn about our Slack and Salesforce integrations!

Ready to trade in your mess of communications tools for one simple, powerful solution? Then you’re ready to Zoom! Sign up for a live demo today.

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