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The World Doesn’t Need Just Another Phone Solution. That’s Why We Built Zoom Phone

The World Doesn’t Need Just Another Phone Solution. That’s Why We Built Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is a business phone system that integrates your voice conversations into a single communications experience. But you might be asking: Aren’t there already enough phone options out there? Is there really that big of a difference from one phone technology to the next? Why did Zoom need to release its own cloud phone solution?

All fair questions. The truth is, Zoom saw a gap in how businesses were communicating and how they were deploying and managing their communications solutions. Let’s dig in.

Meeting the Needs of An Evolving Workforce 

In the current digital landscape, flexibility and agility are paramount to not only the survival but the continued success of a business. As companies spread their reach across the globe to new territories and countries, employees need the ability to work and communicate easily and seamlessly, no matter where they are. The communications needs of employees are evolving, but most organizations aren’t prepared for that evolution.

In the past, IT teams were often forced to cobble together a handful of single-use tools to meet the needs of their employees. Providing the necessary support for all those tools was difficult for IT teams, and employees struggled with using these solutions effectively. Workers around the world were wasting thousands of hours a year just trying to dial an outside line, start a meeting, or share a screen, and the inherent lack of interoperability of these tools with other solutions also didn’t deliver on the promised productivity and efficiency gains.

Building the Next Stage of Digital Communications

Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform is able to meet these changing needs of employees around the world, enabling them to communicate and collaborate in real time over video. Zoom’s seamless integration with the solutions that businesses are already using and its rock-solid reliability made it effortless for businesses to implement. And with an easy-to-use interface and robust support, Zoom has quickly become the best-of-breed solution for video communications. 

Providing a solution that is architected for modern video communication has been critical to the success of these businesses and continues to aid them in their growth and day-to-day expansion. However, the need for an easy-to-use, secure, voice-based communications solution was unresolved. The team at Zoom recognized this gap in the market and realized that building a reliable, intuitive digital phone solution within the Zoom platform would provide workers with the flexibility, agility, and reliability that they needed so desperately.

We built Zoom Phone because:

  1. Legacy phone systems are archaic and difficult to use — Overly complex legacy phone solutions and a lack of interoperability between applications often lead to frustration and increased costs. Zoom Phone’s intuitive interface that sits within the Zoom client is designed to be easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of their knowledge or experience with digital software 
  2. Agility is key to survival — With modern employees constantly traveling and the rise of the remote worker, stakeholders need a solution that meets business demands at the office, at home, and on the go, so a seamless mobile to desktop experience as well as reliability are necessary 
  3. Workers need flexibility to succeed — Employees require the ability to seamlessly switch from one form of communication to another without any interruption and the ability to effortlessly integrate their communications solution with their other critical applications. That’s why we created the ability to move between a text chat to a voice call to a video meeting with a single click
  4. Reliability is the name of the game — Today’s enterprises need constantly reliable communication, regardless of the technology available to their employees and their locations. We built Zoom Phone on the same network that supports our globally-reliable, best-in-class video service, giving it unmatched quality and reliability

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