Top New Zoom Features – Video Webinar Recap & Recording

Top New Zoom Features – Video Webinar Recap & Recording

Yesterday Nick Chong, our Head of Product Marketing, hosted a webinar for Zoom customers on the top new Zoom features. Here is a recording of that webinar for those who missed it:

And here is the slideshow of Nick’s presentation.

Version 3.5 includes new features and enhancements across our entire product suite: Zoom Cloud Meetings, ZoomPresence, and Zoom Video Webinar. Here is a recap of the features Nick and out Senior Technical Support Engineer, Lukas Haselwood, reviewed in the webinar:

Mobile meetingsZoom Cloud Meetings

  • Cloud Recording: With cloud recording, your recordings are delivered to the cloud instead of your local drive. The cloud recording can be played, downloaded, or shared with anyone by the host. The recording we’re sharing of this webinar is a cloud recording that we downloaded, so you can see the quality is as great as our local recordings. This feature is currently available as a free trial to Business and Education customers, so please contact your account executive to have it enabled.
  • Recording Enhancements: We have also enhanced our recording. We now provide one file that is single resolution, which is easier to share and post.
  • iPad/iPhone App Screen-Sharing: You can now share your iPhone and iPad screen, including all your apps. After installing the plug-in on Mac or PC, you just select Screen Share as usual, and choose the iPhone/iPad option. This feature is entirely unique to Zoom.
  • Cloud Room Connector Call-Out: Previously we were able to bring H.323/SIP room systems into our meetings by dialing in to them. Now we can call out to them. You can invite any endpoint via IP address or E164 during a meeting or add the H.323/sip endpoint in your account management page to appear as a directory entry.
  • This handy feature allows you to share easily with audio and video off by default. This is helpful if you are in a conference room with multiple devices.
  • Far-end Camera Control: We now offer far-end camera control for Logitech PTZ cameras. You can enable this in your Profile page. The host is able to control other participants’ cameras by clicking on that person’s video in the meeting and requesting camera control.
  • Auto-Answer: With this feature, your computer will automatically answer any incoming Zoom calls. This is particularly helpful in remote education and remote patient care.
  • Full Screen Video Screen-Sharing: Zoom will optimize your video when you screen-share full-screen videos.
  • Accessibility: Zoom now respects the accessibility features built in to your Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices, such as voice over and magnification.
  • More Meeting Options: You have more options that you can enable or disable in your profile and account settings. For example, an attendee can now opt to keep their video and microphone off for all of their meetings.

Zoom Video Webinar

  • Promote Attendees: The host can now promote viewers to video panelists. This makes your webinar much more interactive – now instead of just typing their questions and comments, attendees can engage with your speakers directly.
  • Webinar Polling: Get a snapshot of your audience by polling them on specific issues.
  • Registration-Less Webinar: Have your attendees join on-the-fly instead of registering in advance.


  • Single Service Account (for Google): Previously you had to create Google accounts for each ZoomPresence room. Now you just need one Google account for all your rooms.
  • Room-to-Room Calling: Your ZoomPresence rooms can now call each other – and you can see the rooms’ availability in real time before you call.
  • Room-to-Contact Calling: Your ZoomPresence can also call out to any Zoom members via your contact list, with presence so you know if they’re available to talk.
  • Upcoming Meeting Alarm: This alarm will alert you when the next meeting is about to start in the conference room.
  • Share Now: If you just want to share your screen on to the conference room screen locally, without a meeting, you can now share it via wireless using, wired using HDMI, and very soon, wirelessly via Airplay.

We had a lot of Q/A in this webinar, more than we could get to in the hour. So we are working on answering some of those questions now and providing the full Q/A on this blog next week. Please also see our Support Center for documentation and to submit any other questions.

If all of these great new features have you excited about Zoom, sign up for your free account today!



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