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Top 3 Zoom Game Changers You May Not Know

Top 3 Zoom Game Changers You May Not Know

Today it seems there is never enough time to get everything done. Regardless of where you are or how much prep time you have, Zoom can help you make every meeting a success. Check out these game-changing features you may not know about to help you get more out of your Zoom Meetingseven with that busy schedule of yours.

Meet From Anywhere

Or at least look like you’re anywhere with Zoom’s virtual background feature. Whether you’re meeting from your desktop computer or iPhone 8 (or later models), use the virtual background feature to ensure that your environment looks clean and professional, no matter where you are. Work remotely? Or maybe in a crowded office space? It’s simple! Grab your favorite photo and try it out. Here’s how on desktop and mobile.

Look Your Best

We’ve all been there. Staying up late to meet a deadline (or enjoy a happy hour) or waking up early for a meeting with team member overseas. Regardless of your situation, you can look professional and polished with little to no prep time. Just enable our touch up my appearance feature to subtly smooth and filter fine lines and dark circles to look your very best for every meeting. Try it out.

Meet On the Go

You know those on-the-go situations where you have a can’t-miss scheduled meeting? With just one click, you can to start and join meetings on your mobile device. What’s more, you can sync with Apple CarPlay, which allows you to call your Zoom contacts and accept meeting invitations with the controls in your compatible car. Arrive at the office mid-meeting? Not to worry. Easily move your meeting from your mobile device to your desktop or conference room. Just enter the meeting ID into your desktop client or iPad in your Zoom Room. You won’t miss a meeting again! Learn more.

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