Total Expert Zooms to 15X More Meeting Minutes & Half the Support Tickets

Total Expert Zooms to 15X More Meeting Minutes & Half the Support Tickets

Check out our case study on Total Expert, a platform that allows financial services professionals to collaborate and grow their businesses. Their services include contact management, lead capture apps, print marketing, and single property sites.

Total Expert’s team tried a few video communications tools, including Webex and GoToMeeting, before switching to Zoom. “With other video communications solutions, we had two issues. First, it was difficult to hear each other. They just didn’t work well. Second, it took at least five to ten minutes to get the meeting started, making sure screen sharing was activated, and so on,” said Matt Black, director of engineering, systems, and security for Total Expert.

Total Expert quickly rolled out Zoom across their organization. Every line of business found the use for modern, easy, reliable video communications. Zoom Meetings are used widely across the company: human resources team conducts interviews, executives in different states meet weekly, remote sales directors connect with their team and prospects, and so forth.

Zoom Video Webinars is efficient for product demos, training sessions, and large gatherings with clients. Currently, Total Expert regularly conducts multiple 100 to 3,000-viewer webinars across their sales, engineering, development, and marketing departments, totaling to 15-20 events a week.

As soon as Zoom was introduced to Total Expert’s team they began to see rapid adoption. “The first feedback was – ‘Wow this is easy!’ and once we started rolling it out the adoption was quick; people love Zoom,” said Black.

Right after switching to Zoom, Total Expert’s 3-month average total meeting minutes was 12,312 (205 hours). Nine months later, the team hosted 196,000 monthly meeting minutes (3,266 hours). That equates to a 15X increase in meeting minutes in less than a year. Moreover, Total Expert’s IT team is receiving just half the support tickets they did before switching to Zoom.

Check out the full case study, and if you are ready to enjoy the leading video conferencing, sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to learn more!

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