Trends Driving a Happier Workplace: Zoomtopia 2017 Keynote

Trends Driving a Happier Workplace: Zoomtopia 2017 Keynote

With ever-improving technology, combined with a new generation of employees in the workforce, it’s no question that the workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. With these changes, a new set of factors come into play regarding workplace happiness.

Research shows that 43% of Americans work remotely at least part time. With the same analysts saying that number will increase to 75% by 2020, it seems that internal communications to help bring these employees into the culture and workflow of their teammates has become one of the most important aspects of workplace happiness.

So how does Zoom fit in?

At Zoomtopia 2017, Zoom president Dave Berman talked about the key factors of happiness in the modern workplace. He first talked about common technology issues in today’s workplace that lead to unhappiness, such as video glitches and connection interruptions, which researchers found had the same emotional effect as someone disrupting or interrupting a meeting in real life.

Next, Dave addressed three key pillars in modern workplace happiness. Above all else, today’s modern and mobile workers value flexibility and autonomy, a seamless blend of the digital and physical, and human connection.

Luckily Zoom is always integrating these values into our products! With Zoom’s flexible platform, employees are free to join in on meetings from their mobile devices, tablets, desktops, or conference rooms. Zoom’s super-reliable connection even in low bandwidth environments allows users to be 100% digitally present in their work environment no matter where they may be physically. Finally, unlike any other communications company, Zoom fully integrates into the workplace through chat, video, and conference rooms in order to bring employees together and help create genuine connections.

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