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Two new capabilities now available for Zoom AI Companion to help boost your productivity

Two new capabilities now available for Zoom AI Companion to help boost your productivity

At Zoom, we take pride in our speed of innovation — it’s one of the important ways we care for you, our customers, with a platform that’s continually evolving to help you connect and collaborate with ease.

Two weeks ago, we announced Zoom AI Companion, your AI assistant that can help you boost your productivity, improve collaboration, and enhance your skills — all at no additional cost with the paid services in your eligible Zoom user account.* And we announced the immediate availability of four capabilities at launch: meeting summary, in-meeting questions, smart recording, and Team Chat compose.

Today, we’re excited to unveil two new AI Companion capabilities to help you communicate more seamlessly and save time in your workday. These new capabilities are available for you to start using right away (minimum version 5.16.0 — upgrade to the latest version in your Zoom client).

If you’re short on time and have a mountain of Team Chat messages to catch up on, AI Companion can now quickly summarize your individual chat threads (NEW!), enabling you to grasp the big picture faster and respond more efficiently. 

New! AI Companion can summarize individual Team Chat threads.

AI Companion can now also compose emails in Zoom Mail (NEW!), with the ability to adjust for appropriate tone and length, helping you craft professional and effective communications. 

New! AI Companion can help you compose email messages in Zoom Mail.

We encourage you to explore AI Companion’s capabilities and see how your new AI assistant empowers you to work better.

Ready to get started? If you already have an eligible paid Zoom plan, check out our support page for more information on enabling AI Companion at no additional cost. Or, upgrade to one of our paid plan options to unlock the benefits of having an AI assistant in your workday.

Visit our support pages to find more information on getting started with Zoom Team Chat and the Zoom Mail Client.

*AI Companion may not be available for select verticals and select regional customers.

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