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Unify Your Business Communications with Meetings, Phone & Chat on a Single Platform

Unify Your Business Communications with Meetings, Phone & Chat on a Single Platform

There’s no reason every business can’t have the best-in-class communications to support their operations and growth. A single unified communications solution providing video, team chat, and phone reduces the technology sprawl that can hinder growth, simplifies management of your critical business assets, and enhances productivity.

Here are some of the challenges facing modern businesses and how consolidating your chat, video, and phone communications onto a single unified platform streamlines workflows and improves collaboration for any organization. 

Technology sprawl 

Looking to get a better grip on your sprawling communications solutions? Do your employees know which tools to use when? Do you have to log in to multiple system portals to update the settings for a single user?

A unified communications platform helps alleviate these administrative headaches by:

  • Reducing complex management – Easily manage all of your communications solutions from a single dashboard, which allows you to easily provision users with licenses, change license permissions, manage auto-attendants or call routing, and create a communications infrastructure that meets the needs of your business.
  • Creating consistency – With phone, chat, and video meetings on a single platform, you only have to train employees to use one platform instead of offering training and support for multiple platforms from multiple providers. 
  • Relieving overworked IT teams – What if you had a one-stop-shop where IT admins can troubleshoot all communications issues instead of needing to work with different systems and different providers? 

Inflexible communication 

Today, many employees are working from home, and across different regions and time zones. Organizations must provide employees the communications flexibility they need to enhance productivity and provide a premium customer service experience.

Your communications platform must:  

  • Provide all the tools they need – Whether your teams need to collaborate over video, quickly exchange information with a colleague, or provide customer support on the phone, a unified communications platform ensures they can communicate most effectively. 
  • Ensure they can flexibly communicate – Users can effortlessly take their communications to the next level with the ability to elevate a chat to a phone call or a video meeting.
  • Enable work-from-anywhere – Mobility is critical for today’s remote and hybrid workforces, and your employees must be able to work whether in an office, at home, or on the go. 

Evolving business needs

Your communications solutions can be more than that; they can be business enablers. A unified communications platform should natively support your business as it grows with: 

  • Integrations with leading business solutions – Do all of your communication tools readily integrate with other leading business solutions, including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, MailChimp, and Slack?
  • Secure communications you can count on – Features like end-to-end encryption, secure meeting controls, and a globally distributed cloud infrastructure help businesses trust in the security and reliability of their solutions.
  • Growth-ready infrastructure – Your business needs are certain to evolve over time, and a cloud-based communications platform can grow and adjust to your needs as quickly as they change. 

Get started today

Consolidating your communications with Zoom streamlines workflows and makes collaborating seamless for businesses of all types and sizes. Zoom’s unified communications platform delivers Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Team Chat within a single application to ensure you can optimize your critical business communications.

Zoom Meetings, Zoom Team Chat, Zoom Whiteboard, and Zoom Phone are now available for purchase in a pricing bundle called Zoom One. To learn more, visit our Zoom One webpage.

Editor’s note: This post was updated June 22, 2022, to reflect Zoom’s updated pricing bundle.

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