Video Case Study: Medallia

Video Case Study: Medallia

Check out our video case study on Medallia’s use of Zoom, featuring their CIO Ashwin Ballal and global head of AV and collaboration Hamilton Gordon.

Medallia is an enterprise software-as-a-service company that provides customer experience management tools. Before Zoom, Medallia had not standardized on one communications solution, and instead relied on a fragmented hodgepodge of systems, leading to confusion and inefficiencies. With a recent move to a new headquarters in  San Mateo, CA, Medallia was able to use Zoom’s Professional Services team to overhaul their communications systems from the ground up. Within a month, Zoom set up nearly 150 Zoom Rooms for Medallia offices in San Mateo, New York, London, and Buenos Aires. By consolidating under Zoom’s platform, Medallia was able to improve end user experiences and unify their global offices.


Medallia was also impressed with some of Zoom’s key features:

  • “Since most of our employees use the train to San Mateo, they could take a video call on their phone and then transfer it over to the Zoom Room as they came into the office. The experience was seamless and that’s where Zoom’s technology shines.” – Ashwin
  • “Zoom is just faster, and our entire user community is asking when can we put more Zoom Rooms in. It’s something I can’t speak highly enough about.” – Hamilton

Watch the video here:

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