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Video Case Study: Zendesk

Video Case Study: Zendesk

It’s no secret that Zoom has developed a partnership with our friends at Zendesk over the past couple of years. We created an awesome integration with them called Zoom For Zendesk, which empowers customer success and support teams with instant Zoom meetings right from the Zendesk interface.

But did you also know that Zendesk is also a very happy Zoom customer? Well, it’s true! Check out our video case study highlighting Zendesk’s use of Zoom and featuring their CIO Tom Keiser, Sr. Mgr. of Collaboration Systems Rujul Pathak, and AV Project Engineer Chris Rouge.

Zoom helps Zendesk to quickly connect their remote offices. “At Zendesk, we use Zoom for all of our video conferencing. We have offices in London, Dublin, Manilla, and Singapore, and we’re all now on Zoom Rooms. It was easy to get stared, easy to get set up, and we didn’t require a lot of time and training like we normally would. Before we had Zoom we had many tools in the environment…with our previous solutions it was not as easy as it was with Zoom to get up and running,” said Rouge.

The results have been phenomenal, for example,

  • “Zoom has increased our productivity so much more.” – Pathak
  • “The ability to start a Zoom meeting from a Slack chat is amazing.” – Rouge
  • “Zoom works. Period. The quality is amazing. We’ve had fantastic results all over the company.” -Pathak

Watch the video here:

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