How Video Disrupts the HR Ecosystem

How Video Disrupts the HR Ecosystem

Given that the workforce is the greatest asset of most any company, Human Resources is essential to the success of any business. An HR department has to find the best hires, develop and retain talent, and keep the entire company informed about regulatory changes. All of these duties have one thing in common: Effective communication is mandatory. The inability to move swiftly and talk to every team and each team member serves as a common impediment to its human resources ecosystem. There’s a simple solution to all of this, and it involves the ability to speak to anyone, anywhere, at any time, through any device. We’re talking about video communication. Schedule a Live Demo to Learn How Zoom can improve HR compliance

Broaden Your Talent Pool

In a world where telecommuting is getting more popular (37% of employees in 2015 said they work at least one day of the month remotely), it’s time to take a hard look at the traditional business model of having all workers present in the office. Maybe the best person to lead your enterprise sales team doesn’t live in your metro area. Video conferencing expands your pool of potential talent from thousands or millions of people to 3.3 billion. Having that kind of reach – combined with the ability to offer any potential candidate the possibility of having a job from home – significantly increases your chances of finding the most talented individuals.

In 1995, when there were 300% less telecommuters, it was understandable not to consider remote work an option. The internet was unreliable and phones were the norm for communication. In an era where you can communicate with someone 2,000 miles away face-to-face with such a clarity, and you can use a host of project management and file sharing services, the world has now become your talent pool.

Video Interviews Give You Flexibility

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s instant gratification. Zoom uniquely grants you the privilege of meeting with another person within seconds of thinking, “I want to meet with that person.” You can send a link to your instant meeting via any means you like or you can start a one-click meeting via Zoom Team Chat. Scheduling meetings becomes less of a logistical nightmare when your attendees can just click away from whatever cat videos they were watching and get to business.

In addition to instant gratification, meeting from home can be easier on your job candidates. They no longer have to travel to you just for the long shot of getting the job. They can be in a comfortable, familiar location. By meeting through video, you also get the added benefit of reducing the costs of both the company and the interviewee. And a higher chance of smooth interviews reduces the amount of time that it takes to find the right person for the job.

Team Communication is Simpler

Zoom Webinars can make large-scale training a breeze, but there is so much more to it. After the big trainings, you can use our meeting platform to divide people into groups via Video Breakout Rooms to work on team-building exercises and other projects.

Use Webinars for Sharing Information

Part of an HR department’s responsibilities includes keeping the organization up-to-date on industry standards and regulations, and minimizing the chances that compliance issues will slow things to a halt. In the spirit of ensuring that everyone “gets the memo,” the best way to communicate new information company-wide is to establish a webinar. Those who attend live can ask questions and participate via Q/A and polling. Those who can’t make it can have access to a recording with which they can review all of the questions asked and replay it as many times as they wish. No one misses out on anything.

Strengthen Dispersed Team Cohesion

If good results come from good talent, then try to imagine those results if a talented group takes a project head-on with a sense of camaraderie. That can be difficult if you’re managing a focused team composed of individuals from different corners of the world, but with video communication you can build cohesion. Meeting face-to-face with colleagues makes a significant difference. It positively impacts the group dynamic and allows for more fluid communication. Getting video into the mix might just be the magic wand you need to increase productivity among remote teams.

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