Video Quality Matchup: Zoom Vs. WebEx

Video Quality Matchup: Zoom Vs. WebEx

As they say, seeing is believing. We think this is especially true when it comes to video collaboration technology providers and the video quality they/we all tout. Amazingly even something like “video quality” can be relatively subjective from one person to the next. What is bad, what is good enough, and what is truly great? To complicate that question one must also consider how well a solution can adapt to the constantly changing myriad of Internet connection issues users can encounter. One such Internet culprit is known as “packet loss,” which is essentially data that never gets delivered to the intended destination usually due to connection congestion.

Imagine a crisp clear photo, then imagine removing some of the photographic information from within the picture. Quickly it would become less vibrant and more faded as more and more information was removed. The same basic principle exists within video compression technology. The real technological feat is to deliver the best possible video quality given the dynamically changing Internet conditions of each user connecting to the meeting.

Born out of our own competitive curiosity we decided to pit ourselves against some competition in a head-to-head video quality matchup. We acknowledge that we did set up our test environment, we recorded the video, and we are publishing the results on our own blog. That said we’ve done our best to create a fair test and we did not alter or edit the results. Here are the various equipment and network specs:

  • Video source capture: Sony A7Rii camera shot in 4k
  • Network shaping (packet loss simulation) software: Network Emulator for Windows Toolkit
  • 3x Identical Dell Latitude laptops (Core i7 2.7Ghz processor w/ 16GB DDR4 RAM)
  • Network configuration: Gigabit ethernet and linking w/ Magewell USB HDMI capture cards

The result is our side-by-side comparison of Zoom versus WebEx.

Zoom vs WebEx w/ 5% Packet Loss Video:

Zoom vs WebEx w/ 20% Packet Loss Video:

We think these results speak for themselves; however, superior video quality is just the beginning. Interested to see the many other ways Zoom differentiates from the competition? Schedule a personalized 1-1 demo with a product specialist today. We are standing by to assist you! 🙂

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