Virtual Care Case Study: Access Physicians

Virtual Care Case Study: Access Physicians

Check out our newest case study: Access Physicians Uses Zoom to Expand Access to Quality Healthcare. This case focuses on Access Physicians, a multi-specialty physicians group that is expanding access to specialists through virtual caregiving.

Access Physicians achieves incredible outcomes with their telemedicine cart, which they have outfitted with Vaddio cameras and Zoom video conferencing software. Through these carts, Access Physicians doctors can patch into any care situation virtually to elevate the quality of care.

We spoke with Access Physician’s Co-Founder Dr. Chris Gallagher MD, and Kevin Houlihan, their Chief Experience Officer, about their offerings and why they chose Zoom to support their telemedicine carts.

“Smooth application of telemedicine is crucial. Zoom was the final piece to make the entire experience ‘Fisher Price easy,’” explained Houlihan. Ease of use was not the only deciding factor. Access Physicians also chose Zoom because it enables HIPAA compliance and is stable, and has encrypted chat and the highest quality audio and video. “Zoom’s stability has been transformative,” said Houlihan. “Our previous solutions were either complicated, unreliable, or lacked functionality. And one had constant updates that created a huge problem when trying to start meetings.”

Access Physicians Case Study Live Demo

The outcomes for Access Physicians, and the partners and patients it serves, have been incredible. For example, one partner – a large hospital – saw a 50% reduction in the patients they needed to send to the emergency room. A long-term acute care hospital saw a 50% reduction in returns to their facility, and skilled nursing facilities have reduced the patients they’re sending out to critical environments by 82% a month.

Learn more about how Access Physicians uses Zoom to expand access to quality healthcare by reading the complete case study. You can also visit our website to get the details on Zoom’s virtual care offering.

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