4 Tips to Make Your Virtual Holiday Gathering Merry and Bright 

4 Tips to Make Your Virtual Holiday Gathering Merry and Bright 

Celebrating the holidays over Zoom this year? If you’re unable to gather in person, it’s still possible to watch your loved ones open gifts, share a New Year’s toast, and crown an Ugly Sweater Contest winner. From custom backgrounds to new games, here are four tips to make your virtual holiday gathering as festive and engaging as a face-to-face celebration. 

Give your home an instant upgrade

Here’s some good news! Hosting a virtual holiday party means you don’t have to clean your house or office space beforehand. Instead, give your living room a decorator’s touch or transport yourself to a winter wonderland with virtual backgrounds. Choose from any number of holiday images or interactive scenes to showcase your personality and instantly kick off the conversation. 

Did you know we have a Zoom App that makes changing your virtual background a breeze? Go to the “Apps” tab while in your meeting and search “virtual backgrounds” to access a variety of scenes to fit your mood. Or, upload your own image for a personal touch. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, or Kwanzaa, there’s no limit to the fun you can have with customizable backgrounds that bring out the holiday spirit in everyone. 

Visit your dream destination

Bring everyone closer together with Immersive View, where you can put up to 25 people in one virtual background scene to feel like you’re all in the same place. Share a ski lift or a seat at your favorite family table. Visit Paris for the New Year and enjoy a virtual cafe. Give your employees an “off-site” holiday party that transports them to a tropical beach. Immersive View enables families, coworkers, and friends to collaborate and communicate in a shared space.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Zoom desktop client and enable this feature before your meeting. During your get-together, click the “View” tab in the upper right-hand corner of the meeting window to select Immersive View. Choose from any pre-set scenes or upload your own. 

Bring on the competition

If you’re looking for an alternative to your annual White Elephant game or need to pass the time waiting for a friend to join, Zoom Apps are an interactive way to get everyone involved. Feeling lucky? Try out a Texas Hold ‘Em poker game with some friendly wagers. Like to laugh? The Heads Up! app, based on the popular TV game show, is a trivia game that the whole family can enjoy. 

New to the group? Dive allows you to create new connections and get to know your guests with conversation starters that promote team bonding. Video filters add a layer of fun to break the ice and enhance not only your background but yourself as well by adding masks, makeup, hats, and more.

Visit the Zoom App Marketplace for more ideas to make your remote holiday just as entertaining as your favorite in-person event. 

Create a memorable holiday experience 

If you’re looking to create a real-time shared experience, consider sending gifts or projects in advance for everyone to do together, such as putting together the same jigsaw puzzle. Share a meal and show off your cooking skills with a favorite family recipe. Stream an old movie or invite your team to a virtual escape room. Wherever you are this season, we hope you connect with loved ones, celebrate your favorite traditions, and make your virtual get-together a memorable one. Happy holidays!

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