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Virtual Teaching Resources: Tools, Templates, and Tips

Virtual Teaching Resources: Tools, Templates, and Tips

Online learning plays a vital role in education, providing greater flexibility, operational resilience, and more options for students and families. As virtual and hybrid teaching techniques become more advanced, staying current on the tools and technology at your disposal will help you adapt your classroom management and develop creative lessons for a new generation of learners.

Whether you’re a virtual teaching veteran or just getting started, we’ve got some new resources to help teachers incorporate Zoom into their lesson planning with confidence. 

Zoom 101: virtual teaching basics

If your school or university has only recently introduced Zoom as a remote learning platform, or if you’re new to virtual or hybrid teaching, start your journey at the Zoom Learning Center

The course “Getting Started With Zoom for Education” has video modules to walk you through setting up your virtual classroom, starting class, and collecting classroom data like student attendance, survey responses, and more.

Once you’ve passed that course, jump into “Engaging Your Students,” a four-part learning plan. Each section dives into how to use features like Focus Mode, screen sharing and annotation, Breakout Rooms, and polling for remote learning.

After you complete each course, you’ll unlock a quick quiz to assess your understanding of the material. You can view each module separately if you want to retake a particular section or sign up for live training through the Learning Center.

You can also supplement your learning with the Educator’s Guide to Using Zoom, another handy resource with tips on how to manage your virtual class, templates for communicating with parents, and ground rules for hybrid classroom etiquette.

Hybrid teaching toolkit: lesson plans & templates 

Looking to elevate and enhance your lessons beyond the basics? Look no further than our teacher tools and lesson plan templates, developed with The Learning Accelerator.

Explore concepts like “Virtual Think-Pair-Share,” which explains how to create a virtual seating chart and use it effectively in classroom activities, or “Wait Questions,” a creative way to use in-meeting chat to engage students and spark discussions. Each idea, or tool, is paired with a Zoom feature and gives actionable tips for implementation in the classroom. 

You can also download templates by grade level (elementary, middle, and high school are available) to jump-start your lesson planning.

Let the learning continue!

Gain even more knowledge of future trends and inspiration on using Zoom as a remote learning platform at our inaugural Zoom Education Summit, coming up on July 21.  

You’ll hear from primary, secondary, and higher education institutions about the future of instructional design, digital transformation in classrooms, and using different learning modalities for student engagement.

Register for the summit today and visit our blog for the latest Zoom education news and updates.

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