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Wainhouse Report: Evaluation of Zoom Rooms for Touch, Digital Signage & Scheduling Display

Wainhouse Report: Evaluation of Zoom Rooms for Touch, Digital Signage & Scheduling Display

Considering adding video-enabled collaboration spaces to your enterprise for conference rooms, huddle rooms, or other areas? Check out this Wainhouse Research Report, authored by Wainhouse senior analyst and partner Ira M. Weinstein.

This report focuses on Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s all-in-one conference room solution, and covers Zoom Rooms’ specifications, uses, and off-the-shelf hardware compatibility. Weinstein also gives an in-depth evaluation based on extensive testing of three Zoom Rooms features: Touch/Whiteboarding, Digital Signage, and Scheduling Display.


Zoom Rooms for Touch allows users to easily interact with the Zoom Rooms user interface and each other. The “one touch join” capability makes starting and joining meetings a breeze, and the whiteboarding and co-annotation capabilities allow easy sharing of handwritten notes and diagrams. “Throughout our testing, ZR’s (Zoom Rooms’) touch UI worked perfectly…the whiteboarding and annotation features offer customers a cost-effective alternative to dedicated ideation/digital whiteboarding solutions,” says Weinstein.

Digital Signage

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage comes free to customers with at least one Zoom Rooms license and offers a straightforward and cost-effective method to create dynamic, beautiful, and informative workplace signage. Fully customizable with the ability to display images or URLs, and even join meetings, Zoom Rooms Digital Signage is perfect for all workspaces including lobbies, cafeterias, and conference rooms. “The Digital Signage functionality was quick and easy to configure…the ability to use this same system to join meetings and for wireless content sharing is a major plus,” says Weinstein.

Scheduling Display

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display is a convenient way to check the status and schedule of any Zoom Room, or any other meeting space. Scheduling Display works through a simple app and can be installed outside the room on an iPad with a housing case. The intuitive app clearly shows if a room is available or busy, and allows users to reserve a room in seconds.

“Throughout our testing of these newly added features, Zoom Rooms performed perfectly…Zoom is offering these high values features (Touch, Whiteboarding, Annotation, Digital Signage, room Scheduling Display, etc.) at no additional cost…it’s easy to understand why tens of thousands of meeting rooms are now powered by Zoom Rooms,” says Weinstein.

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